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 How a friendship turns into something more...

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PostSubject: How a friendship turns into something more...   How a friendship turns into something more... EmptySun Mar 15, 2015 3:46 pm

Eric had known Sinbad for a couple of months when he first found out that Sinbad’s sexual tastes weren’t as similar to his as he thought. They were together in a brothel, picking some girls, and they had almost done but before they would actually go inside their rooms to enjoy the company that they had chosen, Sinbad pointed at a young boy “I want you too.”
Eric looked at him in disbelief: while the whores started walking away, entering the rooms, and before SInbad could follow them he picked his arm and whispered in his ear
“Sinbad how much did you drink?”
The other guy raised an eyebrow toward him in a puzzled expression
“That one’s a boy!”
“So?” Sinbad asked, still waiting for the reason why Eric was so shocked.
Eric widened his eyes in response
“What do you mean ’so’? He’s a guy, you’re a guy…” Eric just didn’t know how to explain it better but he still couldn’t make the obvious connection.
As Sinbad realized it, he almost chocked on laughter before he smirked toward Eric teasingly
“Never been with a guy, I gather”
Eric was already pretty embarrassed when Sinbad started laughing, but at his question he suddenly blushed as a ripe tomato.
“OBVIOUSLY NOT! That’s… that’s… unnatural… that’s just wrong… immoral…”
Sinbad laughed even harder at his stuttering, and oh my gods did he really blush like a virgin girl? When they first met he thought Eric was quite a strong guy, he was starting to gather that that was all a facade…
“There’s nothing ‘wrong’ in that”
He replied as he managed to calm down, shrugging
“It’s sinful…” Eric stuttered in reply, avoiding to look at him.
“Think whatever you want” Sinbad shrugged again before he left him to join the girls he had picked… and of course, the boy.
Eric was left on his own: it was only when one of the whores arrived to call him that he decided to follow her.

Later, when the two boys had done and they were heading back to the tavern, Eric was quieter than usual and kept a certain distance between himself and Sinbad.
The thing didn’t go unnoticed to SInbad…
“Everything ok, Eric?” he asked trying to get closer to the friend, but he moved away
“Yes, fine.”
“Oh sure, fine…” Sinbad replied bitterly, narrowing his eyes: he knew what was wrong, he wasn’t an idiot. But he was starting to get pretty offended: he had gathered Eric wasn’t into guys, but who gave him the right to judge upon the others? He snorted in anger.
“If I suddenly disgust you so much that you can’t even get close to me, then I won’t bother you with my company.” he spit before he started moving away.
Eric looked at him leaving: it wasn’t like he waned to hurt or anger him… but…homosexual relationships? Really? It was such a shameful and horrible sin… he didn’t like that one bit, but he wasn’t sure if he actually wanted to give up his friendship with the guy for that… even if he felt like he should have… but Sinbad’s friendship had been the only positive thing he had had in such a long time… beside, he now had to call ‘brothers’ thieves and assassins, Sinbad was so much better than them… did he really have to give up on the only good thing he had had in so long?
Cursing himself, he ran after the guy to stop him.
“Look Sinbad, I didn’t mean to… offend you… it’s just… this is messed up…”
Sinbad did stop and crossed his arms, but his expression was still really angered, and if that was an apology, Eric had to try harder.
“It’s… just… this is such a sinful thing, it’s wrong…” Eric’s words were only upsetting Sinbad more, but it was such a difficult matter for Eric…
“Please go on, I surely enjoy listen how sinful and wrong you find me”
Eric sighed at SInbad’s sarcastic comment
“Look… I do think this is wrong… but… If you can live with the fact I don’t approve… then I can live with that.”
the boy stretched a hand toward Sinbad, as making a deal with him, and showing him as well that he wouldn’t stay away from him.
Sinbad did take a moment to think on tht, but in the end he snorted and rolled his eyes before he shook Eric’s hand.

A couple of months later, Sinbad and Eric were chatting in a tavern in front of a good mug of beer, planning to hit the brothel right after. Weirdly enough, they had managed to find a good balance and in the end their friendship, instead of being hurt by the discovery of the different ideas, grew even more. Sinbad had even started teasing the boy for being so prudish on certain matters.
“I wanna see again that essosi girl, later…” said Eric taking a new sip of beer
“I wanna see again the essosi boy” he replied Sinbad grinning.
Eric replied with a disgusted grimace “Suite yourself…”
“What, jealous?” Sinbad just couldn’t keep himself from teasing the boy “Would you rather have me fuck you?” with a wicked grin he approached the boy, getting uncomfortably close. He wasn’t really flirting with Eric, he knew the other guy wasn’t into that stuffs, but making fun of the boy was just too amusing to him.
Eric blushed pushing him away again “I’d rather not” he muttered taking a new sip of beer.
Sinbad bursted out laughing: teasing him was just too easy and his reactions were just too adorable.
It was almost a pity the guy wasn’t into other guys…
shaking away the thought, Sinbad stood up “Then we better hit the brothel.”
Eric finished his beer in one sip and followed the friend out of the tavern

Other months passed by, the relationship between Sinbad and Eric grew even stronger while Sinbad’s teasing grew more frequent and merciless. At the beginning Sinbad was pretty sure Eric was totally straight, but over time… he started having doubts about that. His reaction to his teasing weren’t exactly the ones that a person sure of his sexual orientation would have… he was always too embarrassed, too keen to blush, too keen to run away… beside, Sinbad had started to see how in Eric there was a lot more than you’d think or see at the beginning. He was far more sensitive than he would have guessed, far more frail than he would show… there was so much self-loathing inside him, and he had been brainwashed so much by his family…
Sinbad grew more and more convinced that Eric was just hiding his real orientation… maybe even to himself. And that was a pity. Cause if he could change his mind… Sinbad wasn’t going to force anything on the boy, but he had started wishing more and more that he could get Eric to embrace his true nature… cause in that case…
He shook the thoughts away, more and more often he found himself wishing to fuck his beautiful friend, but those were uncomfortable thoughts if he couldn’t go trough with that.
Luckily they were in a brothel and he had an adorable blonde boy that he could screw until he was totally spent. The boy under him was moaning loudly, evidently enjoying the moment as well. “You liking it, boy?” he asked teasing the tip of the boy’s stiff cock with two fingers “Oh yes, my lord, yes!” the boy almost screamed his answer, making Sinbad grin in satisfaction. That was the moment when, turning slightly, he saw Eric staring a him: now and then they shared a room in brothels, when it was difficult to find two separate ones, and it wasn’t the first time he caught him looking, but he usually would blush and look immediately away, pretending he had never meant to look. This time, though, he blushed as usual but just pretended to look away. Sinbad saw that, if his face was toward the whore that was doing him a blowjob, his eyes were still fixed on him. Sinbad grinned and, keeping his eyes fixed on Eric, he slowed his pace, torturing the boy’s cock until he came. Weirdly enough, Eric came in the same moment…
Later, when they had both done and were on the way back to the tavern, SInbad sent a glance to the other guy who was keeping terribly quiet.
“How do you know you’re not into guys if you never tried?” Sinbad suddenly asked, making Eric look at him horrified.
“I-I really am not..”
“I saw you spying over me. It’s not even the first time you do…”
Even in the dark he could see Eric blushing like a ripe tomato, while mumbling something that he didn’t quite get.
“If you are curious, why don’t you give it a try?” he murmured seductively while getting closer but Eric became even redder and immediately moved away, ready to catch speed and leave the guy behind as he replied to him “Stop it, Sinbad, this is wrong…”
Sinbad, though, wasn’t willing to let him go so soon. He took him by the shoulder and, making Eric face him, he pinned the boy to the close wall, trapping him between his arms.
“You know what I think? I think that you fill your mouth with those words… ‘wrong’, ‘sinful’, ‘unnatural’… just cause you think you are supposed to. Well, breaking news, you are not. You think it’s soooo wrong fucking between guys, but I have a feeling that if your head wasn’t filled with so much crap you’d enjoy that quite a lot.”
Eric wasn’t able to reply anything: his cheeks were burning but he was unable to look away from SInbad’s intense eyes. He was too adorable… Sinbad just couldn’t keep himself from kissing him. He thought that Eric was going to stop him, but after a first reluctance the guy actually shyly kissed him back. When he broke the kiss, Eric was breathless.
“I won’t touch you, Eric…” he couldn’t read if the guy was relieved or disappointed at his statement… maybe he was both… “but I know you want it, and if you have any doubts, I want it too. When you are ready… I’ll be waiting.”
He finally let him go, and they walked silently to the tavern. Eric rushed into his room without even saying goodnight, and the following morning, when Sinbad woke up, Eric was already gone.

After the kiss, Sinbad wasn’t even sure if he would see Eric again, but luckily at their next appointment there he was. They both acted like nothing happened, not even getting close to the subject, and their friendship went on without changes.
For other two months they kept on with their meetings, acting like nothing ever happened.
Then one night Eric and Sinbad found themselves sharing the only room left of a tavern. They had planned to visit a brothel that night but a storm made them think that staying inside was for the best.
They had decided to go to bed instead, but now Eric was lying fully awake and unable to stop thinking…
When he found out about Sinbad’s deviation, many months before, he had shown honest disgust, but for some reason he had decided that he didn’t want to give up on their friendship. From that point they had gotten even closer, until Sinbad actually kissed him. Did he really not see that coming with a guy that was into guys? Why did he decide to stay friend with him?
‘Cause he’s the only person in my whole life I can actually call a friend…’ that was true, but Eric felt like he was still lying to himself…He was so used to do so that now making clarity in his own thoughts and feelings was hellish difficult.
What he couldn’t deny was that when Sinbad had kissed him, he had kissed him back… Because he wanted to kiss him… truth was, he had wanted that for so long! He had feelings for the boy, it wasn’t just friendship that dragged Eric to Sinbad, there was more… he wasn’t sure when such an insane feeling was born, maybe when Sinbad kissed him, maybe when he had found out about his tastes… or maybe even before that!
But no matter that, his feelings toward Sinbad were real. He thought that if he ignored them, then they would eventually disappear, but instead they kept growing at a point where now they were even painful.
‘I’ll be waiting for you’ he said…
Bu would he ever have the braveness to actually approach the man? No, no, that was wrong! He needed to resist any kind of such sinful temptation… that would be such a dishonor for his family…
“I gather you really can’t sleep, but could you at least stop moving so much? With all this toss and turn you’re keeping me awake too.” As Sinbad’s voice reached him from the other side of the king sized bed they were forcefully sharing, interrupting his thoughts, Eric blushed like a cherry, thankful that SInbad couldn’t see him like that in the dark: he hadn’t even realized how much he was moving
“Sorry…” he muttered curling up more.
“Is something wrong?” he heard Sinbad’s voice reaching him again
“No, it’s ok…” he muttered again, embarrassed
“Seriously, what’s wrong?” He heard the concern in Sinbad’s voice while he was getting closer
“Eric, what’s wrong?” he repeated, standing now close to the guy.
Eric didn’t have the boldness to look at him, but after a moment he managed to reply in a whisper
“What if I was ready?”
There was a long moment of silence between the two, Eric even stopped breathing, waiting for an answer.
“Are you sure?”
Sinbad asked in a tender and concerned tone.
It took another moment for Eric to reply in a whisper “yes”
In that moment he felt Sinbad’s lips on his, kissing him passionately. He couldn’t help but kiss him back, shyly at first but he soon got lost in SInbad’s passion.
“Then we gotta get you ready for this…” as Sinbad purred into his ear, Eric felt a mix of fear and desire growing into him. He tensed up, but as Sinbad bent down and started nibbling on his ear he was lost once again: no matter how scared he was, he didn’t want the other male to stop. “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt much…” he whispered slipping a hand into Eric’s pants, torturing gently Eric’s tip with one finger: he could notice with delight that Eric was already hard and he immediately moaned, blushing in embarrassment, as soon as he started touching him.
“Take off your clothes” Sinbad whispered wickedly before he stood on his knees and quickly removed first his shirt and then his pants. Eric, hough, was still struggling with the buttons of his shirt.
Sinbad cocked his head to one side: he really, really wanted this… but he didn’t want Eric to feel forced into it…
“You don’t have to, Eric…” he sighed staring at how slowly and clumsily the boy was moving
“But I want to” for once, Eric didn’t hesitate, but he still didn’t manage to look Sinbad in the eyes.
Sinbad grinned: that was enough for him.
“Then I better help you with those…” Sinbad got closer again, quickly managing to get rid of Eric’s shirt. It wasn’t the first time he saw Eric shirtless, but the guy had always had the tendency to hide under clothes, even before he found out about Sinbad’s interest in guys. It was like he was ashamed of his own body… even if Sinbad didn’t know what he could find wrong in it… He admired his chest, before he bent to kiss the boy again, noticing how Eric was getting more passionate with every kiss.
Still while kissing, Sinbad slipped down Eric’s pants, making his now full erection spring free. Now he was sure Eric wanted it, he thought to himself grinning wickedly.
Even in the darkness he could see Eric’s embarrassment mixed with excitement: he could gather that, with all his strict moralist ideas, it was hard facing that he really wanted it… but Sinbad was intending to make him forget all his ridiculous thoughts.
He finally managed to take away Eric’s pants, letting them fall on the floor: the guy was obviously uncomfortable now, being naked, but he knew this wasn’t going to last.
“Make yourself comfortable” Sinbad purred in his ear, pushing him on the pillows before he took place between Eric’s legs, moving them further apart so he could have a better view of Eric’s intimacy.
“S-stop looking…” Sinbad herd Eric muttering shyly, but he could only chuckle “But this is such a good view…” he purred, making Eric shifting uncomfortable on the bed, he felt under his touch that he boy tried to close his legs, but he kept them spread open. He started caressing Eric’s shaft with one hand, hearing in delight his breath getting shorter. The situation was making him go crazy, he had a powerful erection as well, but he knew he had to go slowly and gently with the boy… while jerking slowly his cock, he started pushing a finger between Eric’s butt cheeks, toward his anus: gods was he tight down there! And, as if that wasn’t enough, he could immediately feel Eric tensing up.
“Hey, it’s ok… just relax…” he whispered to him, still jerking him, but since he noticed his words had no effect he decided to leave alone the boy’s cock and bent over him to kiss him again. The kiss made Eric melt once more, and Sinbad could more easily insert a finger inside of him.
Taken by surprise, Sinbad moaned loudly and instinctively put his arms around Sinbad, tensing up again “it won’t hurt if you just relax…” As Sinbad whispered again Eric tried to relax, allowing the guy to move is finger inside him more freely: it did sting a bit in the beginning, but soon Eric forgot completely that little pain… it felt so incredibly good… It was nothing like he had ever experimented before…
after a little while, as Sinbad inserted a second finger, he could feel again that painful sting, but the pleasure was so much that, even if Sinbad hadn’t touched his shaft, he couldn’t help but cum, covering Sinbad’s stomach and his own as well with his fluids.
Eric couldn’t feel more embarrassed, even if he was numbed by the pleasure, but Sinbad was absolutely delighted: he had no idea his friend could be so sensitive down there… but his reactions were driving him absolutely crazy!
Still moving his fingers inside of Eric, Sinbad took Eric’s hand with his own free hand and directed it toward his own stiff shaft. He didn’t need words, his need was evident: slowly and shyly Eric started moving his hand on Sinbad’s cock, while the guy kept moving his fingers, starting a scissoring movement to loosen up the boy’s tight entrance.
It took a while for Sinbad to think Eric was ready, but, no matter how it was driving him crazy, he did want to make it pleasurable to Eric and as little painful as possible.
When he finally thought he could go ahed, he pulled out of the boy his fingers and stopped Eric’s delicate jerking on his cock. He leaned forward to kiss him again, knowing that this kind of distraction would have made it easier for him, then, forcing himself to go slowly and gently instead of plunging into him like he wished he could, Sinbad started inserting his cock inside Eric, obtaining an immediate deep moan from the guy.
Eric was still so tight… but the exercise on Sinbad’s finger actually helped him with the pain, and Eric was terribly gentle while pushing inside him. Sinbad thought to himself that that must have been a first…
Eric hid his face under one harm, unable to sop moaning, trying to hide his shame, but Sinbad pushed immediately his arm away: if he had to be slow and gentle than Eric had to deal with his shyness “I want to see you” He whispered in his ear, nibbling on his lobe as he stopped inside Eric, letting him get used to his shaft inside his body.
“D-don’t say… t-this kind of… things…” Eric stuttered lowly, possibly even more embarrassed. Gods, could he get any more adorable? Sinbad wasn’t sure he could deal with his cuteness, if he had to go nice and slow…
Luckily, though, as he started moving inside the friend he managed to control himself. He really didn’t want to hurt Eric. Beside, if the boy got a liking on that, he wouldn’t need to go slow for long…
He kept a slow pace for a while, making both him and Eric go nuts: only when they were both close to cum he dared to go a little faster, making Eric come first and following right after.
After that, they both lied on the bed, breathing heavily. Eric was absolutely spent, satisfied and confused, but even Sinbad was quite worn out: taking such a slow pace had consumed far more energies than he had thought, and the experience had been surprisingly pleasurable.
It didn’t take long for the both of them to fall asleep, Eric wrapped in Sinbad’s arms.

Sinbad woke up many hours later, when Eric tried to slip away from his embrace without waking him up. He pretended to sleep, just to check what he had in mind. He spied him sitting up on the bed, grimacing in pain. Poor thing… but least he had been gentle with him… Eric stood up, offering a good view of his naked body to Sinbad, since the other guy thought him still asleep: he started dressing up, and Sinbad had to fight hard to repress his laughter at his clumsiness.
Only when Eric started sneaking toward the door he silently stood up and quickly approached him, hugging him from behind
“And where do you exactly think you are going?”
He could see Eric’s cheeks flushing immediately, the boy muttered something but Eric couldn’t get what he said.
“I’m sorry if I made you sore…” Sinbad whispered starting to caress gently Eric’s ass, but the boy became even redder and tried to push him away. Sinbad frowned, Eric was trying to avoid him, he didn’t even look once at him.
With a quick movement, he pinned the smaller boy to the wall without even caring if that would hurt his already sore ass and forced him to look him in the eyes.
“What’s wrong, Eric?”
The boy swallowed, tried to say something but in the end he just kept quiet.
“Do you regret what we did last night?”
Eric blushed even more and looked down, but shook his head: no, he didn’t, he really didn’t…
Sinbad, though, was starting to get impatient and annoyed
“Then what’s the problem?”
“what… what we did… it’s… wrong…” Eric finally managed to stutter, and Sinbad could finally understand. The boy was torn, he was feeling guilty…
“Stop thinking such things, there’s nothing wrong in what we did. You wanted it, I wanted it, if you ask me it would have been wrong if we didn’t do it.”
Eric was so red Sinbad thought he was going to explode, but he saw a shy smile emerging on his lips. Those lips… Sinbad bent to kiss him again and Eric just couldn’t resist him. They had planned to ride together, but in no time they were back in the bed, and they didn’t leave the tavern until the following morning, and even then they had to go slowly cause Eric’s ass couldn’t handle much speed…
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How a friendship turns into something more...
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