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 Opal Sand

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Opal Sand


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PostSubject: Opal Sand    Fri Mar 13, 2015 1:34 pm

Opal Sand


Bastard of the house Martell

Family members:
Arianne Martello (mother), Soma Martell (half brother), Akhesa Martell (half sister)

The first thing anyone would notice in Opal are her shyness and her quietness: it’s unclear if those are natural attitudes or if they were brought on her through her education as a future silent sister. Even if she’s so shy and quiet, Opal would gladly speak her mind if invited to do so and she’d rather always speak the truth. Beside that, she’s always been gentle and kind to everyone, she has a sensitive personality and she has naturally a nursing spirit. Having prepared her whole life to join the silent sisters, she still has a lifestyle that’s really similar to theirs, from the prayers to the quietness. She gets really embarrassed and uncomfortable when people talk about any subject related to sex, but weirdly enough she shows n incredible strength and ability when someone is in need of help or medical care.

When Opal was born, not her mom nor her dad were expecting to have a baby. The story between Arianne Martell and her lover Asaph, a merchant from high garden, was something they both considered just a diversion, an entertaining flirt that wasn’t destined to last. They didn’t even realize that a baby was coming until Arianne started feeling the contractions and gave birth to her: her stomach didn’t grow like for her other pregnancies, Opal was quiet since the very beginning of her life. Arianne had already a 3 years old Akhesa and a 11 years old Soma and she wasn’t too keep in having to explain and raise another child, beside, her lover was rich enough to give their daughter a dignifying life. As he head back to High Garden, he took his new born daughter with him, and since she wasn’t going to raise her, Arianne didn’t feel the need to say to anyone that she had had a third kid. Unfortunately, Opal’s father died a little after his return to High Garden and Opal never really had the chance to know and remember him. She was entrusted to her father’s family, her grandparents and her uncles, who treated her fairly and gave her all the comforts but were never really happy of the fact that Asaph had a bastard. Since her childhood, Opal was directed to her family to become a silent sister: her family thought it was a good path for her, and it was convenient for them as well. Opal, after all, didn’t complain and seemed to fit perfectly in their lifestyle: she was quiet, she prayed a lot, she helped a lot and she never complained. The plans for her future, though, had to chance when she was almost of the right age to join the sisterhood. When she was 14 she was asked by her uncle to deliver something to a customer, she did as she was told but on the way back she was stopped by a man who got a sick interest in her and raped her. She grew up in the most absolute purity and chastity, and he accident almost killed her inside. No being pure anymore, join the sisterhood was out of the plate: Opal went through many months of spiritual and physical illness. Not only her future as she knew it had been destroyed, she had felt so violated! Why did he Gods turn their back on her? She managed after many months to recover, even if she never really overcame the rape, but she still didn’t know what would be of her from that moment on. Her family decided that, if she couldn’t join the sisterhood, she could then at least get married but they didn’t want to spend more money and energies on the girl. Deciding it was time her mother would do something for her, they shipped her back to Essos, where Arianne welcomed the girl. Arianne was happy to bond a bit with her daughter, and so was Opal. In a couple of months Arianne found a good match for Opal and arranged a wedding, that would have taken place after one year, after Opal’s 16th birthday. Since the man she was bethrothed to was in Soma’s guard and since Arianne wished for her daughter to know more of this world before her wedding, se decided that the best decision would be to entrust the girl to his older son.
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Opal Sand
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