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 There's a first time for everything...

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Eric Tully

Eric Tully

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There's a first time for everything... Empty
PostSubject: There's a first time for everything...   There's a first time for everything... EmptyThu Mar 12, 2015 6:51 pm

Sinbad and Eric were lying on the bed, side by side, just resting and relaxing. They had met in the afternoon and had immediately deeply enjoyed their meeting: Sinbad was getting rougher in his ways with Eric, but to his surprise, the boy had to admit he didn’t mind. Beside, he was still really attentive to his needs…
Now they had had plenty of time to recover from the sex, so they were just enjoying the lazy afternoon.
Sinbad turned to check on Eric’s face: he knew that expression… he was thinking and thinking about something. He always overthought things…
“What’s going on in your mind?”
“N-nothing…” Eric shrugged, obviously caught of guard
“Come on, now I’m curious!”
“No really… nothing…” Eric was getting uncomfortable, which made SInbad even more interested: what the hell was he thinking?
“You know you can tell me everything…” he whispered to Eric with a gentle smile. The guy was always so afraid of people’s judgments, it was painful to see him totally unable to express himself just cause he thought his ideas weren’t good enough.
Eric bit his lips, he was evidently still uncomfortable but when he sighed SInbad knew he had just won.
“I was just wondering if… if males…” he started to blush more and more, while SInbad rose an eyebrow trying to figure out what he was stuttering “if… you know, if… males do… that…thing… with the lips… like with women…” by the time he finished, his face was as red as a ripe tomato, and Sinbad couldn’t help but laugh, making the guy even more embarrassed. A blowjob! Eric wanted to know if guys could do a blowjob! Gods, he was adorable!
“Why, you want me to do that?” he asked trying to look Eric in the eyes, but he kept looking uncomfortably away
“No!” he shouted immediately at his question, getting even more embarrassed.
Sinbad chuckled “Do you want to try, then?” he asked teasingly.
Eric shifted uncomfortably in the bed, looking away and muttering something that Sinbad couldn’t quite catch. He did want to try! The realization hit him, he didn’t think that Eric, shy as he was, would be willing to do that… not so soon! Sinbad licked his lips in delight, feeling desire filling him…
“You can go ahed if you want…” Sinbad invited him, moving a bit closer, but Eric moved a bit away
“No, it’s not… it’s wrong…” SInbad kept himself from sighing and rolling his eyes: always that word… ‘wrong’… what was wrong in what they did, he could never get…
“I’d be… really happy if you did…” Sinbad purred in Eric’s ear, pulling him closer again.
Eric was so terribly ashamed of himself, embarrassed and uneasy, but SInbad’s purr melted him. After a moment he nodded and started moving to stand on his knees on the bed.
Sinbad got comfortable, just enjoying the view of Eric slowly untying his pans with trembling fingers, revealing his cock, already stiff. Just thinking of what Eric was going to do had a certain effect on him…
Eric bit lis lower lip, mentally fighting between is desire to please the man and his embarrassment for what he was about to do… His desire to please Sinbad, though, won: he bent over and, after a moment of indecision, he passed his tongue over Sinbad’s cock, making the guy groan in delight. It tasted weird… it tasted like sweat, it tasted like Sinbad…
Slowly winning over his own restrains, he started licking the other guy’s cock: he had had girls doing something like that to him in the past, so he knew how to move… but receiving such attentions and giving them were two fairly different things, and Eric felt terribly clumsy in what he was doing.
Sinbad, though, was enjoying much Eric’s attentions: looking a him, with his flushed cheeks and his shy movements, licking and sucking his cock was a vision to behold.
It didn’t take him too much to cum, right in Eric’s mouth: Eric swallowed all his semen, but started coughing immediately after. SInbad couldn’t contain himself, he moved from the pillow and stood on his knees, approaching the other male to kiss him passionately, shamelessly tasting his own taste in Eric’s mouth.
“You are reeeally good…” he purred, nibbling on his earlobe.
Eric flushed once more but couldn’t hide from him a smile.
Getting closer, Sinbad couldn’t help but notice that Eric had been strongly affected by what he had just did: the protuberance in his pants was just too obvious. Sinbad smirked, starting caressing him from over his pants, making him immediately moan softly.
“I think you deserve a reward…” he whispered, moving from his cock to his ass, caressing it before he gave his butt cheek a squeeze
Eric looked at him puzzled: they had sex only a couple of hours before! But he didn’t say no…Sinbad grinned wickedly, before he quickly removed the guy’s pants.
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There's a first time for everything...
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