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 Ysilla of Tyrosh

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PostSubject: Ysilla of Tyrosh   Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:33 pm

Name: Ysilla

Age: 18

House: none

Family members: unknown

Role/Job/Occupation: looking for an occupation XD

Ysilla is smart and always ready to tell a lie, if it's necessary to get her out of trouble or to get a job.
During the years spent in the Westeros, Ysilla had learnt the current language, even if sometime she has difficulty to remember a few words, a thing that really bothers her.
She knows how to act in front of noble people and how to be a good servant; however her true self is more rebellious: she tends to not like when people give her orders or tell her what to do, especially if they're men -she knows how they usually acts around women, especially servants- but stays quiet if she works for them.
However that doesn't mean that she would allow them to do everything on her: she prefers to lose the job instead of her integrity.

Ysilla was born in Essos, in the city of Tyrosh, in a poor family. Living all her life in hardship, Ysilla started to work for the rich families from a very young age with her mother. However she started to get tired of that poor life, envying all those rich kids she had to serve. It was clear that she wanted more from her life.
When Ysilla was 15 years old, she decided it was time to escape from Tyrosh and her life. She knew that most of the ships that arrived at the port were from the Westeros, a place where she could have a fresh start. Embarking on a ship as a clandestine, Ysilla arrived at Planky Town in Dorne.
Since she had arrived in the Westeros, Ysilla managed to live stealing from merchants or rich men, and occasionally working in noble houses; everytime moving in a new city.
Not a lot of people known about her past, mostly because she tends to invent a new one everytime someone asks for it.

Extra: Ysilla has always been attracted to shiny things, like little jewels or coins and most of the times she steals those kind of objects, ending sometime in troubles.
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Ysilla of Tyrosh
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