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Eric Tully

Eric Tully

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PostSubject: You need rest   You need rest EmptyThu Mar 12, 2015 12:58 am

Ok... fifth ff for those two!!!! And... I fear that only me and Lauren read them XDXDXD but oh well, I'm just so inspired XDXDXD

As Sinbad heard the noise of the door opening, he turned around just to see Eric slowly getting in
“Finally! I started doubting you were even going to show up!”
Eric smiled contrite: he knew he was late “I would never miss our meeting…” he replied, hoping that the guy wasn’t too upset.
Sinbad snorted, trying to stay upset with him, but he just couldn’t manage. Shaking his head, he grinned and then started approaching him
“I missed you…” he purred before he started kissing him.
Eric immediately reciprocated the kiss, but as Sinbad’s hands started wandering roughly on his body Eric moaned in pain.
Sinbad broke immediately the kiss, looking with a bewildered stare at the other man.
“What’s wrong?” he asked concerned
“Nothing, it’s nothing…” Eric tried to diminish it, trying to get closer again to Sinbad, but the male could always smell his bullshits a mile away. Without caring if this would annoy Eric, Sinbad took up the other’s male shirt.
His expression was horrified: he did feel right, then! The man’s chest was all covered in bandages, that in many spots were soaked in blood… even fresh blood.
“You call that nothing?” he shouted angrily
“It’s nothing, really… it’s not as bad as it looks…”
Sinbad wasn’t one to fuss over nothing, but he could recognize a serious wound when he saw one. Did Eric really have no self respect? Unluckily, Sinbad feared he knew the answer to that question.
“You shouldn’t have come.” he said harshly, obviously upset
“I would never miss our meeting…” he tried to lighten the mood, smiling while repeating his phrase but Sinbad wasn’t going to let it go so easily
“This is not a joke, Eric. I’m dead serious.”
“You would have thought I ditched you, if I didn’t came…” he tried to defend himself but Sinbad didn’t buy it
“You could come next month, or come and find me somewhere else. You didn’t have to move with such a wound, let alone ride!” If he wasn’t already wounded, Sinbad would have hit him. How could he be so stupid? The wound wasn’t openly lethal but it was far from being wise riding with that… and it must have hurt terribly… ‘and he still came…’ Sinbad was torn between being moved or getting even more upset…
“How did you get it anyway?”
Eric shrugged apologetically
“If up North was safe we didn’t need a wall…”
he replied vague.
Sinbad didn’t like his reply but he decided he had time to take the truth out of him. Meanwhile he needed rest… Taking the man’s hand, he drove him toward the bed, where he helped him laying down.
Misunderstanding his intention, Eric started shyly to untie his pants, but Sinbad’s hand stopped him with a sour laugh.
“I’m not getting any close to you now, not even if you beg me on your knees.” he replied to his puzzled look, finally letting the anger go. ”You need rest, and I’ll make sure you’ll get some.”
“I still need to go back in two days…” Eric replied frowning: they had such little time, why couldn’t they just enjoy the little time they had?
Sinbad, though, laughed again
“You’re going nowhere until I say so. Consider yourself my prisoner.” he joked, but he was damn serious about not letting him go, and would accept none of Eric’s protests
“I don’t care if they complain or punish you, you should have thought of that before acing like such an idiot.”

He kept him at the tavern for almost ten days, and when it was time for Eric to leave he insisted to escort him almost all the way back.
When Eric commented it was a pity that they couldn’t enjoy more their time together, due to Sinbad’s insistence of letting him rest, Sinbad replied that they would make up for that the following month. He kept his word.
Meanwhile Eric was badly punished for his absence, but thanks to all the rest that SInbad forced upon him he had almost no problem handling it.
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You need rest
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