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 What did you screw up with?

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Eric Tully

Eric Tully

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What did you screw up with? Empty
PostSubject: What did you screw up with?   What did you screw up with? EmptyWed Mar 11, 2015 6:46 pm

Sinbad and Eric had been friends for quite some months. After joining the watch Eric had felt really lonely and lost, being a Tully gave him some privileges but it was still pretty rough for a 17 years old boy to adapt to their lifestyle. At least the fact he had been entrusted with the duty to travel around for the watch’s purposes allowed him to leave the wall pretty often.
Meeting Sinbad had been a blessing for him: he just couldn’t get along with the thieves and criminals that now he had to call brothers. He had met the boy in a tavern, they fought over a young maid just to find out in the end she had ditched them both for a third guy. In the end they just started laughing and ended up drinking together. When Eric told him his destination, Sinbad offered to accompany him for a piece of the road, and Eric accepted with pleasure. From that moment on traveling together became a habit: they always managed to find each other and spend some days together. They had so much in common and Eric enjoyed the other guy’s company: they started hanging out together in taverns and brothels, training together in sword fighting, teaching each others new tricks and such. Eric felt with the other guy a connection he had never felt before with anyone, and now that it looked like he had lost his family he really needed something like that.

That night they had just reached King’s Landing, where Eric was supposed to check with the royal guards if there was any new ‘volunteer’ for the watch. That, though, could wait another day, especially since Eric had casually told Sinbad how that same day he was turning 18 and the other guy had started insisting for celebrating together. They were hanging in a tavern, but Sinbad had made no mistery of his intention to hit the brothel after they drank enough.
“My treat” he had said “Take it as my gift for your birthday.”
Eric insisted that there was no need, but he was actually happy that the guy wanted to celebrate. Especially since he had received no letter or anything from his family.

“So…” Sinbad asked after taking a long sip of beer “I never asked, why did you join the watch?”
Eric shrugged “I’m the second born, not really marriage material so… it seemed like a good path…”
Sinbad rose an eyebrow, not believing his bullshit for a minute “I’ve seen worse people than you get married… come on, seriously, why?”
Eric’s cheeks flushed a bit, he still didn’t know if he liked or not the way the other guy never accepted his half answers.
“Why would any noble man join the watch, then?” he muttered taking a new sip of beer from his glass
“Cause they screwed up with something, so let me ask you better: what did you screw up with?”
Eric stared at the other man in shock: Sinbad’s boldness always left him speechless.
Sinbad pressed him when Eric stayed quiet. Eric sighed and in the end, after a new sip of beer, he muttered shyly
“I got pregnant a noble girl… during my brother’s wedding…”
He didn’t like the subject, he wasn’t even supposed to talk about it since his family’s honor was at stake, but lying to Sinbad was something he found hard since the beginning of their friendship.
“Did you rape the girl?” asked the other guy without mincing words
“For fuck sake, No!” Eric replied immediately, offended that the other man could consider him capable of something so low “She was more willing than me to fuck” he added in an upset tone.
“Let me get this straight… You were sent to the watch for fucking a girl that was more than eager to sleep with you?”
Eric didn’t really enjoy the conversation and he simply nodded looking elsewhere
“Are you even sure that the kid is yours?”
“The girl said she was a virgin when…”
“She ‘said’ that?” he laughed sourly, interrupting him “was she or was she not? Did she bleed?”
Eric looked down, upset by the subject: yes, he did had doubts too when her family accused him, but he had no proof at all he didn’t steal her virtue… Beside, the fact he slept with the girl was enough for both his and the girl’s family to condemn him.
“I can’t remember” he did. She didn't bleed. But that wasn't proof enough...
“So… your family decided to trust the girl blindly and sent you to the watch? Such assholes…”
Eric’s face reddened in rage: he instinctively protected his family “It’s not like that! The girl’s family wanted my head, my family managed to keep me alive, I… just had to accept the wall…”
“Oh, yeah, that makes it so much better… your family must love you so much…” Sinbad replied with a bitter laugh.
Eric didn’t reply this time: as much as he wanted to protected them, as much as he was brainwashed to always take his family’s side… deep down he always thought what Sinbad was saying now… and it hurt him thinking that it could actually be true… he felt betrayed, unwanted, and accepting this was harsh.
SInbad stared at him in silence for a couple of minutes: he could read it in his face that Eric agreed with him. He felt a sting of pity for the boy…
“You know what?” in a cheerful tone he interrupted the silence “I think we both drank enough. Time to hit the brothel”
Eric looked at him surprised for the sudden change of subject, but he was thankful he wasn’t going to pour more salt into his wound. He grinned and, finishing his bear in one long sip, he stood up
“Ok, I’m ready.”
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What did you screw up with?
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