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 Sooooo drunk...

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Eric Tully

Eric Tully

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Sooooo drunk... Empty
PostSubject: Sooooo drunk...   Sooooo drunk... EmptyWed Mar 11, 2015 6:25 pm

After such a long ride, Eric had finally arrived at the tavern where Sinbad was waiting for him. It was a pleasure to finally be able to rest and enjoy the other male’s company, along with a delightful wine that was a speciality of that tavern. The host had advised them to go easy on the wine
“You’ll feel it after, m’lords.”
He had warned them, but he and Sinbad replied laughing: they surely could handle that. After all the both of them could bear alcohol with ease.
Or… so he thought. After a couple of hours Sinbad was tipsy, but still fine. He, on the other side…

Sinbad did notice that something was off with Eric: his cheeks were flushed, he was a bit too giggly, but most of all he was starting to get a bit too effusive… It wasn’t like him not even when they were alone, let alone in public!
“You have such a pretty mouth…” he purred getting closer and putting a finger on the other male’s lips, that Sinbad promptly removed: he didn’t care much, but he knew Eric cred about those bullshit and since he was evidently drunk he didn’t want to take advantage of his situation.
But that surely did amuse him…
“I want… to kiss you…” Eric whispered to him with a seductive smile
“I bet you do” Sinbad grinned to him with amusement, but this new attitude of his was starting to have a certain effect on him…
“I want… you…” Eric purred again, moving a bit closer and putting a hand on SInbad’s hardening cock.
“Oook, that’s it.” Sinbad stood up and helped Eric doing the same, and since he had troubles with his balance he put Eric’s arm across his shoulder and helped him standing up. “Time to hit the bedroom.”
To everyone that was a normal scene of a man helping a friend getting to bed to get some sleep, nothing suspicious. They couldn’t guess that it was far from the truth.
As soon as Sinbad closed the door of the room behind them, he turned toward Eric and kissed him with passion, kiss that the boy reciprocated with equal ardor, slipping his hands into SInbad’s pants.
Sinbad was pleasurably surprised, usually it was him to tease the man, not the other way around.
“Wine is making you quite wild, isn’t it?”
Eric giggled in reply. He was just adorable… but the fact that he was so drunk did make Sinbad wonder if he should do anything with him. He didn’t want to take advantage of him in such a sneaky way… even if it was hard to say no…
“You’re too drunk for that, buddy.” he took his hands out of his pants and drove him to the bed, but Eric totally ignored him and, getting closer to him again, he started nibbling on his earlobe… for fuck sake, he was just trying to be nice! Why did he have to make it so difficult?
Sinbad forced himself to push him again once more: Eric pouted in reply and crawled on the bed. SInbad though he had convinced him but a moment later Eric started undressing himself, removing first his shirt and then, slowly, his pants, showing his half erection.
Sinbad could do nothing but stare, like an alcoholic would stare at a good wine: Gods was he beautiful…
Screw this! He thought in the end, joining the man in bed while removing his own clothes. It’s not like they wouldn’t have done it if he was sober…
As Sinbad got closer, staying on his knees on the bed, Eric stood on his knees as well and kissed him again: lips against lips, chest against chest, rubbing their bodies on each other, their hands caressing their respective backs…
And then Sinbad felt Eric’s hand go down, between his butt cheeks, trying to insert a finger. He immediately broke the kiss and took Eric’s wrist, pushing him down and pinning him to the bed.
“And what exactly are you trying to do?” he stared down at the male, his eye growing even darker. He wasn’t sure if the situation was making him amused or upset… it surely was making him horny, and even more so was Eric, who just managed to giggle once more.
“Are we up to games?” he asked teasingly, passing a finger on Eric’s cock, obtaining immediately a soft moan from the man.
He grinned: he liked this new, bolder side of Eric, but he surely wasn’t going to allow him to dominate him: he was the one in charge, and he liked it that way.
“Well you should remember that if you play with fire…” he purred in his ear, bending down toward him while still teasing his stiff cock “…it’s going to burn you” he finished with a wicked grin, before he turned the man around and pounded into him, making Eric howl in pleasure.

When Eric woke up, he couldn’t feel soarer: it took some minutes for him to regain the memories of the past night. He couldn’t count how many times Sinbad made him cum, and the alcohol had erased every trace of self control so he had moaned shamelessly during the whole time, for Sinbad’s delight, who had teased him in every possible way.
The memories made him blush and hide under the blanket: oh, the humiliation! And now he had to ride for the whole day? And if it wasn’t enough, Sinbad had planned to ride with him! Maybe he could wait half a day before he got on the horse… or maybe he could at least ditch SInbad, he wasn’t sure he could be able to look at him in the eyes after that night…
As fate enjoyed teasing him, in that moment Sinbad entered in his room.
“Still in bed? We have a long journey ahed, we’ll get nowhere if you keep sleeping” he teased him getting closer but Eric didn’t move, staying hidden under the blanket
“I think I’ll take a break… I’ll ride in the afternoon, you go ahed though…”
Sinbad grinned devilishly: you didn’t need to be a genius to understand what Eric was thinking.
“Oh well… If you stay, I stay…” he laid down in the bed, next to Eric, moving the blanket so he could expose the guy’s ass: as he suspected, the guy was still naked. Eric moved uncomfortably, trying to hide himself again but Sinbad continued “though getting on the horse this afternoon won’t be any easier…” he purred wickedly, caressing Eric’s butt cheeks before he mercylessly inserted a finger in him.
Eric moaned loudly, trying to get away from him: he just couldn’t handle more of that now.
“Nonono, please Sinbad, please, I just can’t!” Eric begged for mercy, to which Sinbad replied laughing, but he actually did leave his ass alone.
Standing up, he took with him Eric’s blanket, letting it fall on the floor.
“Then you better get ready.” He added throwing Eric’s pants at him. “I’ll wait for you in the stable, don’t make me wait.”
Eric observed the other man leaving his room and with sigh he sat up. He had immediately to grimace in pain: fucking teaser… ‘This is going to be a long day’ he thought starting to dress up, and he was right: Sinbad showed no mercy and kept teasing him during the whole day.
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Sooooo drunk...
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