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 Tycho Tully

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Tycho Tully


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PostSubject: Tycho Tully   Sun Mar 08, 2015 7:51 pm

Name: Tycho Tully

Age: 28

House(s) (+ house sworn to if any): Tully

Family Members (only the very close ones like parents, siblings ...): Older brother to Eric and Adam Tully. Cousin to John Tully. Husband to Caollaidhe Tully.

Personality: Tycho is the oldest of his siblings and so takes the duty of the older brother seriously. Also acting one to his cousin John if he needs it.
In fact he takes the Tully creed very seriously. Family comes before duty. Duty comes before honour. But in any situation he would gladly uphold all three.
Thus he wishes to do his duty towards his family and bring them honour. And he has chosen to better himself so he may better the name of house Tully and the lives of his family.

History:Tycho was born to the second son of house Tully. For the first eight years of his life he was groomed to take the title of Lord of Riverrun and the command over Riverlands in case his uncle never got a son of his own to take the mantel.
When he did Tycho gladly let the responsibility fall on his young cousin. Wanting to help him in anyway he could though.
When he was a young boy he met this girl in a wedding of some sort. Talking to her and playing with her there until it was time to go home. But he kept in contact with her through letters and would go meet her in every occasion he possibly could. Braving the worst of weathers and not caring if he was sick or not. He still wished to see her.
When he was around 22 or 23 he suddenly left his home and rode to another castle. Demanding the audience of lord Keath whose daughter he had taken a shine to all those years ago. Having her blessing to pursue her hand and the need to have her wedded to him before he would leave his home for his travels. He didn’t want anyone marrying her while he was on his journey to better himself with education.
Lord Keath laughed in his face upon hearing the request to which Tycho responded by telling the lord he would have her daughter no matter what he said. That lord Keath would have a hard time marrying her off to someone else if Tycho were to put her honour to question. Surely Tycho was only bluffing, not sure if he could carry the plan out but grateful he didn’t have to. Although enraged by his arrogance he promised Caollaidhe’s hand in marriage. Tycho then went to her and rode back to Riverrun with her. Starting to plan the wedding.
On their wedding day he was probably most happiest in his life. Although angry at his brother Eric whom he later found out to have started his scandal at his wedding. Later he forgave his brother though. It was enough punishment for Eric to be sent to the nightswatch.
Tycho went to Oldtown for two years to study. Then returning home only briefly before continuing his way to Braavos with his wife. After two more years he returned back to Riverrun with his expectant wife. Ready to fill his duties.
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Tycho Tully
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