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 Something to remember you by...

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Eric Tully

Eric Tully

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PostSubject: Something to remember you by...   Something to remember you by... EmptySun Mar 08, 2015 1:19 pm

Ok, so, first FF I write for the RP x3 This is about Sinbad and Eric's past relationship, it happened something like... 4 years ago, I guess xP hope you'll like it Smile

Eric was getting ready to leave, gathering his few staffs scattered around the room: he had woken up early, but since he had no permission to leave the wall… the sooner he got back, the better! Sure, sneaking away from his duties just to meet Sinbad was more than worth it, and he didn’t care if the captain was going to scold him or punish him for what he did. This surely wouldn’t stop him from doing it again in a couple of weeks!
He had just finished assembling his satchel when the door of his room opened nosily: those were the times when he was thankful that the tavern’s door where so old and noisy, nobody could sneak in unnoticed.
“Sinbad! I thought you left already!”
The other man rested his back on the wall next to the door, crossing his arms and looking at Eric with a croocked smile
“And leave you without even saying goodbye? What kind of barbarian do you think I am?” he teased him faking a hurt expression.
“But your ship…”
“My ship can wait” Sinbad waved the thought away, approaching Eric
As Sinbad started approaching, Eric recognized immediately his intentions: seriously? The night before hadn’t been enough for him? But if his mind went in one direction, his body was already responding to Sinbad’s intention in a fairly different way…
“Sinbad wait, we can’t… we are both in a hurry…”
Sinbad simply rolled his eyes, quickly erasing the distance between them: he was used to Eric’s resistance, he could be worse than a virgin maid! Still, it was part of his charm: his protests always had the opposite effect on him, making him just want him more.
“Sinbad n…” Eric’s words were muffled by Sinbad’s mouth, and quickly his complaints turned into a passionate kiss. Those were the moments when he couldn’t deny he loved that man: he loved his body and his soul, he loved everything about him, no matter how ashamed he was of that, no matter how much he tried to deny that and to win against this horrible weakness… he loved Sinbad. They seemed to be made just for each others.
Only when Sinbad’s hands skillfully removed Eric’s pants uncovering his already stiffened dick and his butt Eric tried again to complain
“Sinbad, I have a long ride…you can’t…”
But Sinbad totally ignored his words and, forcing him to turn so that his ass was in front of his cock, he started nibbling on his ear murmuring
“Good, so you’ll have something to remember me by while you ride”
Eric couldn’t do anything but moan and blush as Sinbad started teasing his anus with one finger: gosh, why did he have to be so sensitive back there? He was as sensitive as a girl, maybe even more, and he deeply hated this about himself… but his mind had to shut down as soon as Sinbad got rid of his own pants.

Later that day, as Eric was riding back to the wall, he remembered Sinbad’s words… something to remember him by… that handsome bastard! His ass was terribly sore and having to sit on the satchel was a sweet torture: he wasn’t sure if he would make to castle black withot either come again or scream in pain!
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Something to remember you by...
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