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 Lyanna Karstark

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Lyanna Karstark


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PostSubject: Lyanna Karstark   Sat Mar 07, 2015 9:54 pm

Lyanna Karstark (formerly Florent)


House(s) (+ house sworn to if any)
Karstark, sworn to Stark

Family Members
Urduja Karstark (daughter), Noatak Karstark (husband, deceased)

Head of house Karstark

Lyanna is more of a quiet nature though she doesn´t hesitate to have a chat when it´s recommend or to her liking. Since she had to take over the responsibility of her husbands house as well as raising her daughter all by herself Lyanna may seem very stiff and hardened for some but she had a good heart and is a caring and loving person though currently almost only Urduja gets to experience this side of hers.

Like most woman of her status Lyanna was raised like a true lady and got prepared for a life as a wife to a man of name and a mother of many children though the last one wasn´t made to happen (so far). To her luck though she also had the opportunity, even if it rather was in secret, also to learn how to fight with more than one weapon though the sword became her favorite weapon of defence. However at the age of 16 she got married to the heir of house Karstark who got the head of the house only few years after. To her suprise though she had hoped for it Lyanna and her husband actually did fall in love shortly and got gifted with a beautiful and sound daughter not too long after their wedding.

Got an affection for metal jewlery.
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Lyanna Karstark
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