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 Thomas Dayne

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Thomas Dayne


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PostSubject: Thomas Dayne   Thu Mar 05, 2015 5:22 pm

Name: Thomas Arthur Dayne

Age: 21

House: House Dayne

Family Members : younger brother to Shara Dayne

Personality: Thomas's mood changes like the weather sometimes. One day he can be very depressed and laconic and the other he can come off more moody and aggressive. To most he often seems rude and lazy.

History: Thomas grew up listening to stories of heroes and knights. Wanting to become a knight himself and one day wield the Dayne's house sword Dawn and have the title of Sword of the Morning. Sacrificing allot, devoting allot time and effort on practicing fighting skills. As the second brother he always knew he would be the spare so he wanted to do something with his life. To accomplish something on his own.
Thus him devoting all his time on learning to become knight he never paid much attention to other skills he felt like he didn't need. He wanted to be a knight, not a maester, so he neglected most of his studies.
However when he was about 14-16 years old he begun to struggle more with everything. He started to feel more tired and had headaches. And he noticed he had to put more effort in fights than before, thus making him even more tired.
When he was 16 a maester noticed he struggled with hitting the target often. The maester examined him and diagnosed Thomas to suffer from nearsightedness. Thomas grew angry and told the maester was wrong and stormed out in rage.
Few days later, in his rage and eagerness to proof the maester wrong he had an accident while sparring with a friend.
Having then to finally admit his condition. Because of the pressure from the maester and his parents Thomas gave up on his life long dream of becoming a knight. And besides his common sense dictated that if he were to continue the path to knighthood he might not live for very long with his eyes slowly failing him.
Thomas fell into a spiral of depression and negative thinking. Basically just giving up on trying to do anything.
Not many people know of his condition. Only his very closest family and friends and the maester who diagnosed him. And he wants to keep the knowledge hidden.
The maester had a contraption of carved lenses made for him. One that he could wear on his nose so he could see better. Thomas agreed that it could make him see better, but also found that the contraption made him look silly and caused him to feel stupid. He still keeps the lenses somewhere, but refuses to wear them.

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Thomas Dayne
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