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 Juliana Stark

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Juliana Stark


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PostSubject: Juliana Stark   Mon Jul 28, 2014 12:37 am

Name: Julianna Stark (formerly Bolton by birth)

Age: 24

Houses: Stark (by marriage), Bolton (by birth)

Family Members: Ramsay Bolton (father), Cato Bolton (brother), Proteus Stark (husband), Giselle Snow (sister in law), Kayley Stark (adopted daughter), Robin Stark (son)

Occupation: Lady of Winterfell

Personality: Even though she comes from house Bolton she is a very kind person that cares a lot about her family as well as others. Also she is a true lady from the North that can handle and defend herself very well.

History: Juliana grew up with the Boltons but unlike most of them she always has been caring and good natured, disgusted by things like torturing people and especially their family tradition of flaying people. When she was 14 years old she ran away even though she loved her family, especially her brother, deep inside but couldn´t stand living with them at the dreadford anymore. Whithout really knowing she rode towards winterfell when her horse suddenly stumbled and she fell with a big scream. Trying to get up she noticed her ankle was either broken or sprained. Either way she couldn´t really walk and on top of that her horse just ran away. Just when she was about to freak out and cry her personal hero appeared. Proteus. He made her a splint and carried her back all the way to winterfell where the maester took care of her. Just when he was finished a raven arrived with a message asking about Juliana and the call for bringing her back. At first the Starks have been unsure about her but being aware of her desperation and Proteus standing up for her they decided to let her hide and keep quiet about her. Still the Boltons eventually found out about her and rode to Winterfell to reclaim her back. Not wanting to cause a war Juliana sent a raven to queen Daenerys begging her for help. Just in time a diplomat arrived bringing the queens answer saying that Juliana should be the one to decide where to live. She decided to stay with the Starks since they offered it to her and she didn´t want to go back. Over the years she and Proteus became good friends turning into lovers also being caused by Kayley as they took care of her and raised her when raiders left her to be an orphan. 6 years ago their love finally resulting in a love marriage after a few struggles with the agreement of her family.

Extra: She knows how to hunt and has some skills in fighting. Also she always carries a valyrian dagger, given by Proteus as a nameday gift, under her dress with her in case she needs to protect herself or the ones dear to her. Even if she isn´t a Stark by blood she has a direwolf named Fenris.
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Juliana Stark
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