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 Su {The Dothraki slave}

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PostSubject: Su {The Dothraki slave}   Tue Feb 10, 2015 8:34 pm


19 years old


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Su has a pretty tiny body and she still looks like a young girl; she is really childish and not particularly smart, as she herself often says. She doesn’t have special talents and she is a clumsy girl, or at least this is how she sees herself. She never received an instruction, since she lived her whole life as a slave, but at least she is able to follow orders. She is quite good at cooking, though. And she knows both the common language and the dothraki language. And she learnt to handle punishments and to stay quiet when her masters beat her up. And she has the voice of an angel, but she consider her passion for singing more of a personal thing than a talent. Singing is the way she keeps herself happy, it’s her life line: doesn’t matter if she sings out loud, if she hums a tune or if she sings in her mind, this always helps her staying in a good mood. Life has been pretty rough with her, but she always has the habit to smile.

Su’s childhood is all a big blur. As far as she know, she was born in slavery. She never knew her parents, or at least she can’t remember them. The earliest memory she has is a lullaby that she sings often, specially when she is in a rough situation, and she likes to think it was her mother singing it to her. She grew up in Pentos, in the house of a rich merchant: the other slaves, especially some old women, took care of her as well as of some other kids. Some of the slaves were mean, some other nice, but no matter what, it never felt like a family: since her early childhood, Su knew she was on her own. As soon as she was able to stand on her own feet, Su was put to work. She worked in the kitchen, helping around as she could. As a child, she was really a crybaby: she cried and complained often, much to the annoyance of the other slaves.
She was nine when one of the eldest slaves caught her crying, as usual. That woman was almost blind, terribly old, and still she had to work so much. But Su always saw her smiling. When she asked her how could she always smile, that woman told her something that Su would never forget: “crying doesn’t solve anything, not for a slave. There is nobody that cares about your tears, nobody that will wipe them and nobody that will try to make you happy. I’m old, dear child, and I’ve always been a slave, I know what I say. I belong to my masters, my clothes belong to my masters, everything I have belongs to my masters, even my shit and my tears belong to my masters. But my smile is mine, if I smile I smile for myself. My life won’t change, I was born a slave and I will die a slave, and nobody will care but me. I can decide to be sad and cry, cry all my tears, but that won’t change a thing. If I smile, and I pretend I’m happy, I might convince myself I really am. And when I’m happy, I can be happy to be alive, I can enjoy the little things I have, I can imagine I’m somewhere else. The world is already punishing me, why should I punish myself more deciding to be sad?”
Since that day Su didn’t cry anymore, even if life gave her many reasons to do so. She didn’t cry when her masters beat her, or when the other slaves were cruel to her, she didn’t cry when she was sick, or when she was starving and she had nothing to eat. That was the period when she started singing to cheer herself up: to be fair, she liked singing since she could remember, and she always had a beautiful voice. The old women in the kitchen often asked her to sing for them. But if before that speech singing was something she did when she was in the mood, she started doing that also to put herself in a good mood. Singing what she thought was her mother’s lullaby was one of the best ways to do so, and when she couldn’t sing because her masters didn’t want her to, she started taking the habit to sing in her mind.
Later that same year, when she was only 9, she was sold to a brothel. She was raped that same night. She felt a lot of pain, but she didn’t share a tear. Luckily the other girls that worked in the brothel were nice to her and helped her getting through that rough period, she doesn’t even remember it as a bad time because of the bond she created with the other whores.
She was sold again, to another brothel, at the age of 12, and from there she lost track of how many time she was sould and bought. Sometimes she ended up in a nicer place, sometimes in a worse one. She was 17 when she was given to the dothraki, together with other whores. Since then, she has been in Khal Draeko’s khalazar.

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PostSubject: Re: Su {The Dothraki slave}   Wed Feb 11, 2015 10:24 pm

Yay, more Dothraki people!  Smile  Don't worry, Jasmine will be nice to Su, although it'll probably be up for debate whether Su actually trusts her.
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Su {The Dothraki slave}
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