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 Teegra Colltress

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Teegra Colltress


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PostSubject: Teegra Colltress   Sun Feb 08, 2015 5:14 pm

Name: Teegra Colltress
Age: 21 years old
House(s) (+ house sworn to if any): Colltress, soon to be Dothraki.

Family Members:
Eerikaa Colltress (Mother) , Herikon Colltress (Father) , Huriu Colltress (Brother)

Role/Job/Occupation (+ Titles if any):
Princess, soon to be part of dothraki.

Teegra loves to explore. Ever since she got denied her right to leave the kingdom she's been wanting to travel and see the world. When she was younger she would often talk about it. Having fallen in love with a man without title. She believed she could chase her dreams of travling the world.
That dream was broken. And since that moment Teegra didn't share her ambitions any longer. Believing the world had turned against her she often keeps quiet. Teegra is however kind to those who show kindness to her. She is a forgiving person. Not likely to hold a grudge. Teegra is more likely to blame herself for things that happen to her instead someone else. Teegra can be strong in some situations.

Teegra is a daughter of a royal family in Essos. When Teegra was 15 she ran off with a titleless boy. Having fallen in love she believed they were meant to be. In secret they had wed. Only to be seperated three days later. Her family had caught upon the rumours and forced her to return back home. Teegra had never heared of the boy ever again. She always suposed he had been murdered.

Being the shame of the family at only 15 years old Teegra didn't have an easy life. Her family could've stripped her off of her title. The only reason why they didn't was that she might be useful in the future. Perhaps they could use her for something else. Teegra had been forbidden to even leave Essos. She was the ugly duckling. Unable to be promised to anybody. They refused her with a passion. No longer being a virgin and being known for her attempts to run away she wasn't a desireable bride. Men saw her for a quick fun time instead of a wife.
Her parents decided to sell her off to the dothraki. As a peace offering. In order to save their own land.

Youtube: Bridney1widney
I also play Rose Lannister
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Teegra Colltress
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