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 The Witch Doctor

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Naomi Kidwell


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PostSubject: The Witch Doctor   Thu Jul 31, 2014 5:11 am

Name: Naomi Kidwell, widely known as the Witch Doctor

Age: 70

House: Kidwell

Family Members: Husband(deceased), daughter(married off living in another country)

Job/Occupation: Medical Practitioner, Master of various Witchcraft for treatment.

Personality: Naomi is a very kind soul, she couldn't hurt a fly; she's extremely friendly and somewhat mischievous.

History: Naomi began as a medical student at the age of 18. Her mother was a witch, and she'd begged her to teach her. Her mother taught Naomi the fundamentals of witchcraft, from there Naomi studied more of it. Naomi spent nearly ten years extending her knowledge and perfecting her medical skills. When she was 30, she was a very well respected doctor. Somewhere along the line she met her husband and she gave birth to her only daughter. After her daughter's birth, Naomi was fertile due to her usage of magic on her dying patients. Naomi's daughter married off to a family head and Naomi's husband passed at age 65; 6 years ago. Now Naomi travels the continent, accepting the help of people in need of medical care, or just helping strangers out of the kindness of her heart.

Extra: Naomi is also a skilled mentalist
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The Witch Doctor
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