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 Ishizu Clegane

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Ishizu Clegane


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PostSubject: Ishizu Clegane   Mon Feb 02, 2015 3:43 am

Name: Ishizu Clegane

Age: 21

House: Clegane; holds fealty to Lannister

Family Members: Daughter of the Head and Lady of the House; (?various siblings?)

Role/Job/Occupation: Kennelmaster, Animal Trainer

Personality:  Ishizu is a confident and proud young woman who does not take kindly to being looked down on. She can be commanding, sarcastic and has a sharp tongue.  She is, however, rather patient and well-manner though not particularly outgoing. She takes a certain pride and joy in striking fear into those she may or may not have a grudge against. She fears not many things and considers the Boltons to be petty, if not beneath her House. She is not one to back down from a challenge, duel, fight, or war of any kind. She is not one to be easily scared. more often than not, when certain situations present themselves to her, she would rather hear her say the truth than phantom up a nurtured-type of lie. And she does mind Putting anyone IN their place when She feels and deems it necessary. She could care less for their ego, pride, or charms to try to get her to change her mind; And thus they will Not all fully work to win her over.

History: The eldest child and (only) daughter of the Head of the Clegane House, Ishizu was brought up to act like a proper lady and possess impeccable manners. While she succeeds in both areas she does so only when she desires to and is known to have somewhat of a stubborn attitude. Her parents are currently searching for a suitable husband for her, though their efforts have been in vain so far. She's rather neutral on the whole subject and doesn't really care either way as she seems to enjoy the company of her dogs and other animals over that of people. She excels at training the hounds and lions and other animals, which is where her heart truly lies.

Extra: She is almost always seen with dogs at her heels. Has a Zoo full of animals, especially if it is on a Sigil. She has been known ride in on the animal of a House’s Banner. Hates House Lannister due to the fact that her Farther used her hounds to save a Lannister from a Lion. Blames Lannister’s for the Hound’s death and healed the lion that almost took a Lannister. She has two of every animal. And the animals have cubs as the respective Houses has people. Loves, adores, and enjoys challenges. If she is to marry, then words "martilineal marriage" will probably comes from her mouth before even considering a wedding.
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Ishizu Clegane
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