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 Greta Reed

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Greta Lannister


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PostSubject: Greta Reed   Thu Jan 29, 2015 12:22 pm



Reed, soon to be Lannister

Family Members:
Meera Reed (aunt), Nita Reed (cousin), John Tully (cousin)

Greta is in the same time really mature and really immature. She understands a lot and she knows how to behave as a proper lady, point is, she doesn’t always want to. She’s really capricious, touchy, proud and stubborn, but she’s smart enough to understand where she need to behave properly. Even if she has a lot of flaws, she has many qualities as well: she’s funny, intelligent, resourceful and energetic. She’s rarely sweet but she can be really kind. She’s an introvert, she doesn’t talk much about herself, but to understand that you need to know her well cause she talks and does so much it’s hard to understand that detail. She loves cats and she likes horses, but she is scared by dogs. She likes dancing and embroider, and she’s good enough in those things. She has quite a good voice as well but she doesn’t love singing. She likes reading, but she’s not interested in poetry nor romances, she prefers books about politics or, even better, geography: books that describe the world, that talk about other people and other cultures. She likes traveling, and even long trips are not really heavy to her. She like horseriding, and she also likes archery, which is not really ladylike and therefore she usually keeps it as a secret.

Greta is the first and only daughter of Robert Reed and Rose Tully (John Tully’s aunt from his father). Her mother died when she was 12, giving birth to a little brother (who didn’t anyway, survive long). It was a big shock to her: she had always had a tight bond with her mother, and loosing her was hard, really hard, especially since her relationship with her father wasn’t as good. Since childhood she was active and a bit rebellious, thing that her mom knew how to handle and liked even, but that her dad always tried to suppress. After her mom’s death, the relationship with her father grew even more complicated and she became even more rebellious.
It wasn't just her attitude, though, that created the problem: her father had always been a violent man, her mother always protected her (even though she was hit twice by him), but she could never protect herself. He beat her up often, and Greta could not stand that: she hated him. He beat her up even during the pregnancy of her brother, and when her mother and baby brother died, she blamed him for that. After Greta's mother died, the relationship with her father was ruined forever. He did try to bond with her, first gently, then violently. He tried to beat her up like he used to do with her mother, but she fought back and since he was drunk she managed to defeat him. She threatened to kill him or to evirate him. Since then, Greta's hate for her father has been reciprocated, but at least she managed to spend less and less time with him: he wanted to avoid her as much as she wanted to avoid him.
Her dad decided to entrust her to her aunt, where she had the possibility to bond with Nita. Although they had fairly different personalities, they managed to get along fine and even become friends, finding out that after all they had much in common. Greta spent the last four years between her own palace and Meera and Nita’s palace. Greta felt more and more that Nita and Meera where her real family, while with her father the relationship got worse and worse.With Nita, she learnt from Meera some notions of self defence, even if she wasn’t talented as her cousin (she was too aware of the fact that, due to her tiny body, it would be too easy to overtake her).
She never had romantic dreams, but she always knew that her father would make her marry someone for the family’s interest, he made that clear more than one time and Greta didn’t even care much. For those reasons, she wasn’t too surprised when her father informed that she was going to marry in just a little time a man from the house Lannister, and even though she was a bit shocked to find out how much older than her he was, she didn’t give this news too much importance. Marriage was, after all, just a contract, and being a married woman (even better, married to such a rich man) surely had its privileges.

Greta, even though she possesses now the body of a full grown up woman, she is really small and tiny. This, combined with her beauty, makes her look like a living doll.

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Greta Reed
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