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 Adam Tully {character profile; in progress}

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Adam Tully


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PostSubject: Adam Tully {character profile; in progress}   Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:46 pm

Name: Adam Tully

Age: 22 years old

House: Tully

Family members (if any):

Tycho Tully (oldest brother; current Lord of Tully)
Caollaidhe Tully (sister in law; Tycho's wife)
Eric Tully (older brother)
John Tully (cousin; dead)
Jane Tully (cousin in law; dead)
Jeannie Rivers (bastard niece; Eric's daughter)
Eilonwy Mormont (fiancée)

Role/Occupation/title: Lord Tully's youngest brother

Personality: He is a nice guy, generous and kind. He has a really positive attitude almost toward everything. He always tends to stand out as a hero. He is a proud person. He cares for his family honor but he is always willing to forgive his brother. He is shy with girls.

History: He is the youngest out of three brothers. He was always the calmest and shyest. He always got along both with his parents and his brothers, but he had a special bond with Eric. When Eric was sent to join the night’s watch he was really sad. He writes often to his brother and tries to meet him every time he can. Since he was 14 he trained to become a knight, now his parents made an agreement with John Tully to send Adam at his castle and make him the new chief of his guards.
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Adam Tully {character profile; in progress}
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