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 Megara Hyblaia

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Megara Hyblaia


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PostSubject: Megara Hyblaia   Fri Jan 02, 2015 5:06 pm

Name: Megara Hyblaia

Age: 23

House: the house of Hyblaia (doesn't exist anymore)

Family Members: none

Role/Job/Occupation: only daughter of the former chieftain Kreon Hyblaia

Personality: Megara is a very mysterious and provocative woman. She likes to flirt, but never has any intention for something serious and she often uses her charm and beauty to get what she wants.

History: Her whole house was murdered when she was a few months old, but her governess was able to flee with her, before their enemies could catch her. When she turned 21, she left her governess who raised her like she was her own child in order to find out who killed her whole family. So she travells through the lands using a false name and collects every information she can get. And when she finds the one who is to blame, she's going to kill him.
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Megara Hyblaia
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