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 Meera Reed

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Meera Reed


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PostSubject: Meera Reed    Mon Dec 29, 2014 8:33 am

Name: Meera Reed

Age: 41

House(s) (+ house sworn to if any): House Reed, sworn to house Stark

Family Members: Howland Reed (Father), Jyana Reed (Mother), Jojen Reed (Brother) Nita Reed (Daughter) Greta Lannister (Niece)

Role/Job/Occupation: Lady of Greywater Watch

Personality: Loyal, caring and protective of her family.

History: Meera was the one who protected Bran Stark after Theon Greyjoy took Winterfell and journeyed along with her brother Jojen, Hodor and Bran to searh for the Three eyed Crow. But once they arrived the cave, they got attacked by wights and she fought against them, trying to protect Jojen. But he got stabbed by them and so she had to give him the gift of mercy. That event made her angry when she learned that Jojen knew that he would die, and that he didn't try to fight against that fate.

She helped Bran Stark to rebuild Winterfell when Daenerys Targeryen was crowned as queen and visited Winterfell from time to time to help Bran if he needed it. She later got engaged with a man with dark skin, they married and later they got their daughter, Nita. But one day, her husband went out to hunt, but an accident happened and he died. She decided that she didn't want to get married again. She had her daughter and she was happy. When she discovered that Nita had the greensight and was a skinchanger, she feared that Nita would suffer the same fate as her brother. So she learned Nita how to fight and defend herself. She became the lady of Greywater Watch when her parents died. Some time later she came in contact with Jeor Mormont and they arranged an engagement between Nita and Garret.

Extra: Sometimes Meera is having nightmares of when she couldn't save her brother. She also lives in fear that Nita will suffer the same fate as her brother.
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Meera Reed
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