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 Time to move on (Tag: All of the Dothraki)

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Khal Draeko


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PostSubject: Time to move on (Tag: All of the Dothraki)   Mon Dec 29, 2014 1:12 am

More than a month has passed since the death of the Khalessi. It still was quite the pain for the Khal but he didn´t have a choice. She, the Khalessi, his wife, his love, the mother of his children, betrayed him and for that he had to take her life.

Now however it was definitely time to move on and what could be better than get the khalasar some good fights, slaves and everything that comes with it. Khal Draeko was already on his way to his horse when he looked back at the ones who would stay at their camp. Before the sun will rise he promised they would have invaded a more than promising city and that the next day they should have a feast to celebrate.
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PostSubject: Re: Time to move on (Tag: All of the Dothraki)   Mon Dec 29, 2014 7:01 pm

Jasmine knew things had been tough for Draeko over the past couple of months.  His wife had to be killed, for one thing.  Jasmine didn't know how to feel about that, honestly.  Part of her was kind of glad that it had happened.  The Khaleesi had betrayed her brother.  If he didn't kill her, she probably would have done it herself.  But then the other part of her remembered how much Draeko had cared for his wife, and how it had probably pained him a lot to take her life.  But, what was done was done.  There was no point in worrying about the past.  It was time to look to the future.  The future, however, was a bit uncertain.  The Dothraki were on the move once again, but where they were going, Jasmine didn't know.  She wasn't sure if Draeko even knew himself.  But, there was nobody she trusted more, and she was willing to follow him wherever he took the khalasar.  Of course, moving would be a lot easier now that Jasmine had an assistant.  Sure, she was just a little girl, but Jasmine felt that with the right instruction, she would make a good healer.  She noticed Draeko moving to his horse and smiled.  "Are you off to majestically ride away into the sunset, brother?" she teased.
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PostSubject: Re: Time to move on (Tag: All of the Dothraki)   Fri Jan 02, 2015 11:18 pm

Kale was not happy at all. He was quite angry at all that had been happening lately, especially his Mother's death. Kale had just opened his tent up and got out, only to see his Father, Aunt, and one of the Dothraki woman he didn't know. Kale turned away from them and observed the horizon. Kale was not in the mood to talk to his Dad or Aunt. He was still mad at them. He half expected his Dad to at least talk to the family about the decision, but that was a different story. Instead, Kale sat outside of Tziporrah's tent and waited on her to come out of it. He would listen to no one else, but his sister at least for today if she rode off with them. Kale stared at the three Dothraki, not liking the way the woman he did not know was staring at his father, but he would not think about it. Kale just sat outside Tziporrah's tent waiting.
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PostSubject: Re: Time to move on (Tag: All of the Dothraki)   

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Time to move on (Tag: All of the Dothraki)
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