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 Important Announcement please read! ♥

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Marina Targaryen

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PostSubject: Important Announcement please read! ♥   Sun Oct 12, 2014 12:02 pm

Hellow dear people ♥

So as we all noticed though people offically came back to being more active we still have quite the absence so I´m going for the suggestion of a member and put the roleplay offically on a freeze status probably until somewhere in december since most of us or everyone has at least less to do or vacation. Still of course you are free to continue posting and checking on the roleplay whenever you like (so will I so if you have anything to say or to suggest or you just wanna talk to me I´m still here ♥).

Also, when the freeze status will be about to be gone I will host new auditions AND it´s going to be time for the first god(s) to appear so you we all have something we can be excited about for the big come back ^.^ ♥

Until then, have a good time and hope to see you soon ♥
- Juli ♥

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Jane Tully

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PostSubject: Re: Important Announcement please read! ♥   Mon Oct 13, 2014 10:37 am

Hey dear!!!
Sorry If I've been again so absent, I'm so sorry, life just got so crazily busy o.e I've got 2 videos to edit with a team for a little job, I joined a team of screenwriter, I talked to my teacher and I have to start the thesis for my degree cause I'll need to have it ready on december and I also found out that I'll have to give my subjects in november instead of december ;A; Plus, I've started to search for places where I can send my CV for a job, so... I just have barely time to breath, and if that wasn't enough I keep getting sick ;A; I only hope I'll survive all of that ;A;

But, well, this idea sounds perfect to me, after december I'll most likely be a bit more free and I so want this rp to keep going and your plan sounds fantastic.
So, sorry again, much love and see you soon <3
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Cale Lannister


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PostSubject: Re: Important Announcement please read! ♥   Fri Oct 17, 2014 2:43 am

0w0 Yay! Freeze mode!!! 8D

Now to get Catherine to do the same for Gods and Monsters roleplay! ;0;

@Jane: Good lord @w@ Don't explode with all of that stuff!!! D:
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PostSubject: Re: Important Announcement please read! ♥   

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Important Announcement please read! ♥
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