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 Giselle Snow

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Giselle Snow
Giselle Snow

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Giselle Snow SWS7bbT

NAME: Giselle Snow
AGE: 17 (almost 18)
HOUSE: Stark

FAMILY MEMBERS: Proteus Stark (half-brother), Juliana Stark (sister-in-law), Kayley Stark (adoptive niece), Robin Stark (nephew), Jeyne Westerling (deceased mother)

ROLE/JOB: Stark family member; owner of a direwolf; tends the Glass Garden

PERSONALITY: Giselle is a spirited young girl with a green thumb and love for all animals. She spends most of her time in the Glass Garden and Library Tower, sneaking in her direwolf Elphie much to the servants' dislike. Giselle enjoys reading and tries to teach herself healing magic, but is unfortunately not too good at it. While she can be intellectual and well-spoken at times, she can be also be clumsy. A hopeless romantic, Giselle desires a life of adventure about all the things she's read about in her books leading her to sometimes sneak off into the woods with Kayley. She is very nurturing and spends a lot of time with young children and animals. At first appearances she may appear docile, but she is in fact headstrong and will defend herself if she is put down for her heritage or gender.

HISTORY: Giselle was born the bastard daughter of the same mother as Proteus, with a different father. Luckily, she was allowed to be raised alongside the Starks despite her heritage with persuading from Proteus. Growing up as a child alongside a teenage Proteus, the two became close, especially since she'd always get looks from other family members because she was a bastard. Giselle was accepted a little bit more when she asked to be help tend the Glass Garden, putting herself to work. When Kayley and Juliana were introduced into their lives, Giselle was friendly with them and accepted them. Kayley and her became close friends. It was extremely rare when she stumbled across a slain direwolf pack in Wolfswood, and found a hurt pup. With the little healing knowledge she had, she was able to nurse her back to health and name her Elphie. She often helps Juliana and Proteus care for little Robin Stark.

EXTRA: Enjoys singing and dancing; hums to herself often. She still calls Proteus her brother, even though they are only half-siblings. Her direwolf's name is Elphie.
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Giselle Snow
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