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 Queen Marina Targaryen

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Marina Targaryen
Marina Targaryen

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Name: Marina Targaryen

Age: 22

House: Targaryen

Family Members: Jon Targaryen (father), Amalthea Targaryen (sister)

Occupation: Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Lady of the seven kingdoms, Protector of the Realm

Personality: Marina likes to be flirty and sassy as well as showing her basass side but since she was raised to be queen one day she has to act like a respectful Lady proving to be a fitting queen on the iron throne. Just like her aunt and father she wants the best for her people and is good natured but if you screw with her, the ones being close to her as well as her people you should fear for her revenge.

History: Marina is the only daughter of Jon Targaryen, formerly Snow and son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, and his wife. Since she got to meet her aunt Daenerys the former queen they had a good relationship resulting in appointing Marina as heir not only because of the sharing of the same blood and name. When her aunt died not too long ago Marina just became queen and has now to deal with all that comes with it. Luckily for her a few years ago it was discoverd that she had two cousins, Kida and Jim. To both of them she has a good connection also due to Kidas position as Master of Whispers that Marina in which she and Jim save Marina as well as the whole kingdom from trouble.

Extra: Marina does have a Dragon given by her aunt and is just as her aunt and most Targaryen not hurtable or even killable by fire. On top of that she is a sorceress skilled in all sorts of fire and blood magic but less than a hand full of people know about this.
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Queen Marina Targaryen
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