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 A Rare quet, sneaky time (TAG: Olena)

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Cale Lannister

Cale Lannister

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A Rare quet, sneaky time (TAG: Olena) Empty
PostSubject: A Rare quet, sneaky time (TAG: Olena)   A Rare quet, sneaky time (TAG: Olena) EmptyThu Sep 11, 2014 12:09 am

Cale casually strolled around the stone garden, just gazing around at the roses, the small weirwood, and the rest of the garden. He had to admit. His cousin, Madeline, sure did well with Casterly Rock's garden. He sighed softly as he sat down on the ground near the small weirwood. The young Lannister wasn't sure to why he was here in the garden. It was rare for him to scurry off to somewhere quiet. And not head back to the brothels for sex or booze. The arrival of the Maester was probably to reason for this. Perhaps he could use this quiet time to think of ways to cause trouble for the old man. It would be entertaining to cause him so much grief, that it'd would send him running back to where he came.

He ran his fingers through his hair, smirking in delight at the ideas that swarm around in his mind. "It'd be easy to scare him off. Though Uncle would be displeased," he chuckled to himself. Like he'd care about that.
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A Rare quet, sneaky time (TAG: Olena)
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