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 Taran Ramsay

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Taran Ramsay


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PostSubject: Taran Ramsay   Sat Sep 06, 2014 10:10 am

Taran Joseph Ramsay

16 years old


 ғαмιly мeмвerѕ:
J. Korso Ramsay (Father), Helena Maria Ramsay (Mother Decease)

Mercenary/Bounty Hunter/Assassin

Taran is a boy dreamers and whimsical, the solitude accustomed him to stay in its thoughts. He is an excellent liar, safe in front of his father (he cannot look at him in eyes when he lies to him). Stubborn it is difficult to remove to him an idea of the head. Fort of character and especially adolescent, he gets excited easily and can come to fists there. It is not rare to see him with injuries to the face after a quarrel with Joseph. Arrogant person with some, he likes pushing people in their cuttings off, he knows how to be respectful to those who deserves it. He had to badly know how to react in front of foreigners who are not customers. His father having still avoided him the contact with others, he never feels at ease during a first meeting. On the other hand, when it comes to a customer, he knows how to haggle his price. Brave, he is not afraid of physical and rough works. Curious, he likes learning new things. Taran feels some fear, love and respect for his father. Sometimes he hates him, he would like he could live a life who is not managed all the time. If they often quarrel, Taran always(always eventually begs) Joseph to forgive him. He may say, he does not see living without his father, and feels lost without him, being always afraid of his reactions. The boy knows that his relation with his father is badly seen, and it is hampered to show it in front of the crowd, but otherwise he is shocked not at all. On the other hand, he is very jealous, he does not like seeing his father flirting with other people.

нιѕтory :
Helena was a humble and generous young woman, dedicated to a good life. She thought of reaching there when she met Joseph. Their idyll lasted a few months, they got married and it got pregnant. But everything was not pink, Joseph changed the announcement of the pregnancy. And after some times he showed itself under his real appearance. Helena, horrified run away one night. Sound exiles lasted months, she eventually gives birth has Essos, thinking in safety and free, But Korso has himit found and murdered her, taking the child with him.

The  young taran increased in the idea that her mother had died in coat. His childhood was made to Essos or he learnt to live tremendously and with little thing. He was always on the road with his father. Except for his first one years (until he knows how to walk) he has never had fixed home, travelling of village in village and finding accommodation as he could, sometimes sleeping under the beautiful star. Young, there was with knowledge paternal a time of the missions of mercenary of his father. As soon as he knew how to walk he learnt to fight, the trainings became more and more rough in time, and if he perfects in the fight and in liven up the me of weapons, he still has never loser Korso.

His education took place between beating up, and rough education, and a possessiveness and an unhealthy attention. He would not any more be to say when their relation crossed a cape. He knows that it was after the departure of Essos for Westeros (after his twelve years). He in always been close to his father, he often slept with him, but their first kiss made them fall over to a more carnal relation. Westeros seemed in every respect sign of a new life. Finally he could accompany Korso in his missions, serving only a rider at the beginning for, little by little to become a partner. Their results are surprising, them reputations precede them, and if you want to rent their services, prepare you to have to part from a good one parties of your endow!

•The powers of Taran showed themselves in his fourteen years. For the moment he knows how to only change in wolf, and the eyes change colors when he feels of strong feelings. (Red for the anger, the blue for the sadness, etc.)

•He has the blazon of their house engraved in the brand on the right shoulder.

•He masters the sword but excels with a bow


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Taran Ramsay
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