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Alyssa Baelish

Alyssa Baelish

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Alyssa Baelish ~ Tumblr_lm2txf21tD1qis6bco1_400

Name: Alyssa Baelish

Nicknames: (public) The Angel of Harrenhal, (private) Little Blackbird

Age: 15

House(s) (+ house sworn to if any): Baelish of Harrenhal

Family Members (only the very close ones like parents, siblings ...):

Main Family
Lord Peter Baelish (father, deceased), Lady Sansa Baelish (mother, deceased), Brandon Baelish (brother, deceased), Edmund Baelish (brother, deceased) and Oswyn Baelish (brother,deceased)

Extended Family

Phillip Baratheon (cousin), Proteus Stark (cousin), Kayley Stark (Cousin)

Role/Job/Occupation (+ Titles if any): Head of House Baelish, Lady of Harrenhal and  Lady Paramount of the Trident

Alyssa is her fathers daughter through and through, possessing considerable skill in commerce and coin, and is a master of court intrigue, she has a gift for political improvisation not to mention lies. She puts on the mask of an innocent and sad young maiden, that almost no one can see through using that as her cover to make her political moves behind the scenes with the wealth and connections started by her father. With her false persona she gained the love of her people and has no issues with manipulating that love. When meeting any other noble she is friendly and kind even sweet to their face but in the privacy of her home she is a manipulator and cold.

She has had a deep love for alchemist potions and various poisons since a young age, studying all she could on the subjects from various maesters. She has gained an extensive expertise on both making her quite deadly when crossed. On the flip side of the coin Alyssa is in some ways as fragile as she appears, for she had a deep love for both her mother and father it wasn't until they passed that she truly snapped before that she was a happy innocent child.

Her ambitions is to continue her father's legacy and make sure that no one dares think of house baelish as 'little' ever again. Any offences made to her family name or father are met with a showing of her true colours.

Her father had managed to hold unto the lands he had gathered under Baratheon rule, holding fast against the rushing tides that threatened to swallow his name whole. Much was attributed to the Lady Sansa whose story and kindness won back the people it was not soon after they were married after her marriage to 'the imp' was annulled. Together they rebuilt the ruins of Harrenhal to take it back to its former glory, making it a more the proper seat for the trident as the great towers were cut down and it hosts itself as a partial city due to its large size containing a martial militia from the citizens turning it profitable. Alyssa was the youngest child in the family and the only female, she grew up a happy child with a deep thirst for knowledge with 3 older brothers there were no plots of intrigue or coin in her mind. She was a weak and sickly child at birth many thought she would not survive her first years, it wasn't until she was 2 that it was revealed that the price of her life from the gods was the use of her legs which were weak unable to keep her up for anything more then a few seconds. It has been her one big flaw in her life that she has just come to accept and it certainly helps sell her persona later in life. Her days and nights were spent reading books, watching her father work and sewing with her mother, it was a good life.

That is until a deep tragedy occurred one night... Her mother died of illness and in his grief her father took his life, the shock rattled her to the core but THAT was only the official story it wasn't until later that Alyssa put the clues together that it was perhaps one of her own brothers that had orchestrated the death of their parents to one day take the seat as head of house. Wrought with grief and despair she used her knowledge of poisons and alchemy to kill off her brothers one by one never sure who was the true murderer but so torn up she vowed never to trust anyone again. It was in the middle of her great despair and murder that she found out the secrets of a Talisman which held the magical being known as Puck. Binding him to her quite on accident as she had cut her hand on glass when she picked it up. She has used his magics ever since to aide in her endeavors and begun reading up all the knowledge she could on magic.

The death of her brothers was burried under the 'curse' of Harrenhal as her brothers and many other lesser folk became sick, few died including her brothers leaving Alyssa the only heir to the Baelish name. Through coin, deals and Puck's magic she has held her position firmly against the tide that rushed against a young maiden though she let her skills in management and politics prove her worth playing against many much older then her and is considered a prodigy in the affairs of state. She also gathered brilliant minds to help design her 'rolling throne'. But what truly kept her in her position was her mask as she soon after her brothers deaths she turned her knowledge to medicine funding the first 'sick houses' on behalf of the small folk, earning her the nickname of 'The Angel of Harrenhal'.As she seems to treat all noble and common well in her lands.

- Alyssa has the most haunting blue/violet eyes which are often compared to those of Ashara Dayne
- Alyssa often keeps her eyes closed due to a sensitivity to light
- While there has been some suitors Alyssa has declared that in honor of her father and brothers she would only marry if her potential husband agreed to a martilineal marriage.
- Alyssa is always seen wearing her fathers old mockingbird pin, it is her most valued treasure

Alyssa Baelish ~ Baelis10

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Alyssa Baelish ~
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