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 Jeanne Rivers

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Jeannie Rivers


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PostSubject: Jeanne Rivers   Mon Aug 25, 2014 1:13 pm

Name: Jeanne Rivers

Age: 7

House: Tully { Bastard }

Family: Eric Tully {Father}

Personality: Though she may not have always lived like one, Jeanne is described as a perfect little lady. She is smart,talented and polite. At the young age of seven, Jeanne plays many instruments and loves to read. She always says please and thank you, and never lets her dress get dirty. She'd much rather sit inside than play outdoors with the other children. Naturally she's very innocent, quiet and has a huge heart- filled with compassion for others.  Her favorite activity is playing pretend, and she can usually be found doing so with dolls made out of household items.

History: Born of a one night fling between Eric Tully and a brothel maiden, Jeanne was unplanned in every sense of the word. At birth, she was immediately turned away by her own mother, who couldn't be burdened with the responsibility involved with caring for an infant bastard. In an attempt to own up to his mistakes, and unable to keep her himself, Eric entrusted the girl to a simple family just outside of  Riverrun. Once a month he would visit her, pay them enough money to keep her alive and happy for a few more weeks and return back to his normal life- after all, a crow is forbidden to have children. Jeanne knows who her father is, and is aware of her situation (spare her mother being a common whore). She respects him enough to stay away to spare his good name. She adores her father and treasures every tiny second she gets with him. She believes that her mother is a beautiful princess who was on the run, and had to leave her behind because the roads were not safe for a baby. Because of this, she prays to the gods every night that she will be reunited with her mother and taken to live in a castle where she can wear pretty gowns and a crown.

- She loves animals (especially the cats)- and her favorite chore is tending to and feeding them
      - She makes all her own toys out of trash, and enjoys making ones of her friends and family
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Jeanne Rivers
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