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 Norjen DeathBird

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Norjen DeathBird


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PostSubject: Norjen DeathBird   Sun Aug 24, 2014 5:04 pm

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Name : Norjen DeathBird

Age : 26

House : Free Folks

Family members : Naerys  (twin sister)

Role/Occupation : Warrior / Hunter / Warg / Free Man

Personality : Norjen is the silent and calm twin of the fratry, always here to appease his short-tempered sister, and most of the other wildings describe him as a ice-hearted man, mostly because of his detached and distant behaviour toward his kind. But unknown of most, he's a gentle and caring brother, always putting the happiness of Naerys before everything else. Like Naerys, Norjen doesn't really "like" the crows but unlike most of their tribe, he'll not harm or kill one if he's not in danger but will kill without mercy if they did.

Independent, fierce and dreadful, Norjen doesn't really crave for human company, except his twin sister, which he's convinced that most are as dumb than rocks. Despite the appearance, Norjen is probably the most wild one of the two during a fight, especially toward the ones who try to harm his sister : his opponents often describe him as "a wild beast"...

Story :
Norjen and his twin sister were born as the children of a spearwife and an unknown father from the free folk who left the little family to find a new wife and never came back. Their mother raised them on her own and was with them until the three of them joined another king beyond the wall and were with him and others attacking the wall 10 years ago. During the attack more people died than Norjen and Naerys could count and with them, their mother...
Even though they managed to get their wounded mother out of the battlefield, it was already too late for her, and they had to exchange their final goodbyes. Since then, Naerys and Norjen were on their own, only sharing constantly their company with their birds and temporary with other people of the Free Folk if needed.

Extra : Norjen possess an eagle named Mahal that he often use for warging. Unknown of most, Norjen isn't really attracted by women but by fierce warriors.
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Norjen DeathBird
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