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 Aladdin Swan

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Aladdin Swann


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PostSubject: Aladdin Swan   Fri Aug 22, 2014 8:41 pm

Name: Aladdin Swann

Age: 25

House(s) (+ house sworn to if any): House Swann, now a man of the Nights Watch

Family Members (only the very close ones like parents, siblings ...): Deceased

Role/Job/Occupation (+ Titles if any):Man of the Nights Watch

Personality: Due to Aladdin’s consistent traveling with his parents, he never did have the chance to befriend most. Especially when he was younger, when he did try to gain friends. But as soon as he got used to the area and gained friends, Aladdin’s parents were up for more traveling. Which Aladdin didn’t retort to, actually excited to travel once more, although it saddened him to leave his new found friends behind. To those he does not know, he’s quiet and unsure of how to speak to them at first. But once he gets to know the person and they somehow rile up his Dornish blood, Aladdin can become quite spirited and cheeky. Also he’s not too enthused by the idea of being bossed around at the Night’s Watch, having heard rumors about the place. Both the cold and the rumors of the Night watch really bother him. So expect him to talk back to a few of the officers, his dornish blood getting the best of him. He's not really short-tempered unless the right button is pushed~

Also the idea of the whole place being full of only men really uneases him. It isn’t because he’s afraid. It’s due to him not wanting others to insult him or try to take advantage of him due to his preferences.  Aladdin is sure that at least one or two men at the Night’s Watch would catch his eye, and he’s unsure if he could really control his urges. His parents had known of his preference for men, but never judged him for it. They had actually helped their son with finding brothels that attuned to his taste. There had been rare times when Aladdin had ran into awkward or bad situations with those who did not approve of his preference and actions.
When he is under the effects of alcohol, Aladdin does let his charm slip  and is more bold with those he takes a liking too. He is sure to avoid the liquor now at the Night’s Watch, but if distracted or stressed, Aladdin would forget about it and get him a cup to cool off.

History: Aladdin is the son of a dornish woman and a man of the House of Swann, who had been traveling before meeting his soon to be wife. Even when Aladdin was born, his parents did not cease their traveling. This really influenced their young son, who loved the traveling as he got to learn about new customs and see new places. His knowledge of other lands are fruitful. But he and his family never did stay long in the areas, so Aladdin never did get the chance to befriend others. So his communication skills aren’t that great. Most of Aladdin’s life was enjoyable, that is until a misunderstanding happened in the kingdom of Stormlands that took his parent’s life and what ended Aladdin in prison with a death sentence. Which was due to him to finding out what happened and who did it. He didn’t mean to kill the man, it just ended up that way due to uncertain circumstances, and it had been accident really. But there weren’t any notable witnesses and most had presumed he killed the man for revenge.

Which Aladdin didn’t. It was truly an accident and he was trying to defend himself. But it was no use. His parents death, not any notable witnesses, and the fact that the man was a known noble, had influenced his sentence greatly. There were also hush rumors about Aladdin and the noble man. Rumors of the man befriending the young man, and using him to get close to Aladdin’s parents who were rich travelers who had secret connections.

But he was given an option when the Swann House had intervened with the sentence, trying to spare one of their members life. Death or the Night’s Watch. He reluctantly chose the life of the Night’s watch.Due to his mother being a dornish woman, Aladdin was trained to fight the dornish way by friends of his mother. Therefore he’s quick and agile to defend himself, although his weak points are on offense.

Extra: His orientation is gay~
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Aladdin Swan
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