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 Red Priestress Rhea

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Red Priestress Rhea


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PostSubject: Red Priestress Rhea   Wed Aug 20, 2014 8:58 pm

--------------------------------------- ♦ --------------------------------------

Name : Rhea

Age : 24

House : Red Priest Clergy

Family members : Unknown

Role/Occupation : Priestress of the Lord of Light, Qedesha and R'hllor Oracle.

Personality : Unlike most of the others believers of R'hllor, Rhea possess a very open-mind, always trying to understand others cultures and religions. She has her own vision about the world and his mysteries : fascinated by everything who talk about the others Gods, she travels the land of Essos and Westeros, with an intense desire to extend her knowledge.
Possessing a golden heart, she's gentle and sweet but also very shy and introvert : it take times to her to open up. She had the tendancy to trust that anyone has a good side, even if they act with cruelty.

History :
No one exactly know how she finished in front of the house of the High Priest of R'hllor, neither where she came from but rumors said that she bears the blood of the Dokhratis... Raised among the believers of R'hllor, Rhea showed during her younger years her capacity to read the future of the different realms : wars, illness, death as well as periods of peace and glory. Her predictions always finished to become true...

Because of her power, the High Priest decided to put her away from the other believers : her power shall not be tainted by their presence and give her the title of Qedesha, the holy woman. Alone in a faraway temple, Rhea started to read all the documents concerning the exterior world : books, parchments... Her curiousity about the Others Gods and the others cultures didn't stop her to believe in R'hllor, but she started to understand that maybe no one was entirely wrong or right...

Leaving her temple during her 18th year, she started to travel in Essos, discovering new cultures and new people, observing the life with curiousity. Her gentle and shy nature surprised everyone in the cities she visited, but she was surprisingly accepted, mostly because of her difference with the other red priests and priestress. During her 22th year, she met a young girl from another realm, her perfect opposite, : Akhesa Martell. Falling slowly in love with the princess, Rhea began to become a little more confident and extravert. The departure of Akhesa for Westeros however, had been really hard for the young Priestress who, despite her shattered heart, let her lover go.

Extra : She offered Akhesa a cat, secretly hoping that the Martell girl will not forget her. She's actually traveling around the world.
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Red Priestress Rhea
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