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 Tya of Ghis

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Tya of Ghis


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PostSubject: Tya of Ghis   Tue Aug 19, 2014 8:25 am

--------------------------------------- ♦ --------------------------------------

Name : Tya of Ghis, known in Essos under the name of «The Lioness of Astapor»

Age : 42

House : Royal branch of Ghis

Family members : Najeb Wormdor (ancient lover), Khanrah Wormdor (son)

Role/Occupation : First Lady of Astapor, member of the City's Council and Beloved of the Gods.

Personality : Tya is a fierce and independent woman : her temperament is know for being quite wild when she fight for something in which she believes. Possessing a sharp intellect and being a brilliant strategist, she is known as a hard bargainer, who never stop when she find an obstacle : her opponents had taken the habit to call her the "Lioness".

However, despite her reputation, she's a loving woman especially toward her son, Khanrah. He's the light of her life and she will do anything to protect him and to bring him happiness. Her kindness appears when she's in company of slaves : she show them kindness, love and does her best to help them.

History :

Born in the royal branch of the city of Ghis, Tya was known as a wild and silent little girl : always playing with the house's slaves, always trying to escape the responsibilities that her parents gave her.
As the years passed by, she became more and more beautiful, charming all the men who saw her when she was with her family and her parents started to receive numbers of marriage proposition. Finally, they accepted the proposition of a Good Master of Astapor, hoping that their daughter will be a way to gain more powers.
Infortunately for them, during her stay at the house of her fiancee, she met a young slave, called Najeb, who was destined to become a member of the Unsullied : the two of them fall deeply in love and started a secret affair... As the result of their love, in her 15th year, Tya got pregnant.

Fearing for the life of her future child and for her lover, she asked the help of an old priestress who had grown fond of her, hoping that the Gods will help her. Some says that during her visit to the sacred woman, a lightning hit the temple... It has been interpreted as a sign that the Gods were willing to protect her. The priestress told the Good Master to take another wife and declared at the entire city that Tya was loved by the Gods. The city of Astapor offered her to stay and to protect her from the wrath of her parents.

She continued her affair with Najeb until he became an eunuch and a member of the Unsullied, and raised Khanrah alone until his 7th year. Once she learned that Najeb was the first trainer of the Unsullied, she concluded a pact with him : he will teach their son all he wanted but Khanrah will never be a « true » Unsullied.

Extra : For the people of Astapor, Tya of Ghis is a new Daenerys Targaryen.
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Tya of Ghis
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