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 A Visit to a Special Friend [Tag: Carriar]

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Miguel Baratheon


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PostSubject: A Visit to a Special Friend [Tag: Carriar]   Mon Aug 18, 2014 5:20 pm

Thanks to the coronation for the new queen, Miguel was in Kings Landing, staying in a lovely inn with his mother, with days to enjoy himself before travelling back to Storm's End. As travelling took so long, it only made since to relax in their destination even if their main reason for coming was done and over with. Well somewhat, people were still celebrating, for which Miguel was all for. And naturally, he did not plan to stay cooped up in his hotel during the rest of his visit, nor spend all of it with other nobles.

He wasn't in Kings Landing often, and so he thought it be perfect occasion to visit an old... friend of his. And with a spring in his step, he took a lovely painting he had finished before leaving his home and his lute before leaving his room and heading out into the capital.

Miguel knew the streets well enough to know where to avoid walking and how to move around the crowds. With celebrations still in the swing of things, it was a well enough time for pick pockets to try their hand on visiting noblemen and merchants. But Miguel knew of such tricks, and kept green eyes sharp even as he hum a happy tune as made his way to a familiar street.

A familiar street that led him to a familiar inn, obviously not the one he took residence in, that his special friend lived within. Upon entering the inn, he gave a charming smile to the waitresses and innkeeper, merely asking where a Miss Carriae Rivers resided in, though he was certain her room had not changed at all. There was a disapproving look upon the inn keeper's face, of which Miguel's charming smile merely increased as he gave a simple explanation. "I have a painting to deliver upon her request."

The inn keeper did recognize him somewhat, enough to know that he always came with a painting to deliver and thought him perhaps just a painter who's work she liked. With that, he was given the room, and sure enough he was right. It hadn't changed. With a pleasant thank you, Miguel made his way towards her room. Once he reached it, he knocked a playful tune against the door an waited with a bright smile.
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Carriae Rivers


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PostSubject: Re: A Visit to a Special Friend [Tag: Carriar]   Tue Aug 19, 2014 8:08 am

In those days the city looked like it had goen crazy, and Carriae wasn't too sure that that hadn't happened: the new queen's coronation had attracted people from the whole westeros, there were northeners, southeners, foregners from everywhere, especially nobles.
So many 'friends' had come to visit her, friends from every where, friends she hadn't seen in a long while. All in all, she really wanted to thank the queen, not that a queen wouldn't be interested in a girl of her kind but thanks to her her 'busines' was really blooming in those days. She didn't even need to find a new job in that moment, she had enough money to go on just having fun for a while.
When she heard someone knocking at the door, she was resting in her bed: she spent the night before partying with a group of new friends who seemed really enthusiastic to be in King's Landing, but not as interested in seeing the city itself. It had been a fun night, but a tiring one too and she wasn't expecting anyone, not at leas until much later that day.
She was a bit surprised when she heard knocking, but after all she had rested enough. "Coming" she said in a melodious voice toward the door, walking toward the mirror first.
She checked her look and fixed a bit her hair, she didn't need anything else, she was pretty enough to welcome whoever was at the door. She was wearing only a pink nightgown, very short and very provocative, but that wasn't a problem for her, at all.
After a good amount of minutes, she finally approached the door and opened it, wearing a sweet smile. As soon as she recognized the guest the smile became wider "Miguel, darling! What a pleseant surprise!"
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A Visit to a Special Friend [Tag: Carriar]
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