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 Cassandra Arryn (put on hiatus)

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Cassandra Arryn


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PostSubject: Cassandra Arryn (put on hiatus)   Mon Aug 18, 2014 4:03 pm

Name: Cassandra Arryn

Age: 25

House: Arryn

Family Members: Robin Arryn (father), Sarahae Tyrell (older sister), Karaysa Arryn (younger sister), Jimena Arryn (sister in law)

Role/Job/Occupation: Middle daughter of house Arryn, Fiancee of Cato Bolton (even though she doesn´t know it yet xD), the Arryn bitch

Personality: In short, Cassandra most times can be simply discribed as a bitch. If she wants something, she gets it and does everything for it. Most of the time she only focuses on herself and hardly cares about anyone besides herself. Only her close family is able to get some kindness from Cassandra from time to time.

History: Cassandra grew up like a spoiled princess and never had trouble to get what she wants. Since she turned into a grown woman, well actually also before that, she spended most of her time with the opposite gender, turning quite often into sexual acts, and therefore as heartbreaker. Otherwise she always loved to fool people around and play with them like they were dolls in her own game she would never loose. Even though her father loved Cassandra very much she tended to drove him crazy. A main aspect of this was that she still isn´t married and doesn´t even intend to do so. Her father tried a lot of times to find her a good husband but Cassandra rejected all of them causing others to fear the try to go for her. Lately though Lord Arry seemed to be quite happy and tended to spoil his eldest daughter even more that normally. Cassandra therefore was aware of that now her father found her future husband she wouldn´t want to or couldn´t reject but until now she had no idea of who the one would be she´d have to share her future life with.

Extra: - Always carries a little knive with her in case she has to get rid of someone.
- Has a thing for strong and powerful men.
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Cassandra Arryn (put on hiatus)
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