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 The letter from Mormont

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Nita Reed


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PostSubject: The letter from Mormont   Mon Aug 18, 2014 5:53 am

Nita found her mother in the library when she came home from the coronation, she was sitting nearby the fireplace reading a book.

“Mother,” Nita said when she came in. Meera turned her head smiling toward her and soon embraced her daughter, kissing her cheek.

“Welcome home, sweetie. How was the coronation?” Meera asked after a while. Nita smiled back to her.

“It was amazing,” Nita said.
“The queen was really lovely, just like in my vision.”

Meera smiled as Nita told her everything about the coronation and King’s Landing.

“But how is it with you mother?” Nita asked.
“Are you feeling better?”

Meera had been sick when they were invited to the coronation, so she had to stay home.

“I’m feeling much better. So you don’t need to worry,” her mother replied with a smile.

A servant came in with some wine while mother and daughter talked. Meera was pleased that everything went well and that she had met the Stark family. Meera took a deep breath when Nita was finished telling about the coronation.

“A few days ago, there came raven from house Mormont,” Meera said while she held her daughter’s hands.

“Mormont?” Nita giggled.
“How nice!”

Meera looked confused at her.

“Have you met them?”

“Yes, I met lord Mormont’s sons during the coronation,” Nita explained.
“They’re twins and very nice.”

“That’s good.”

Nita could see at her mother’s face that something was up.

“What is it mom?” Nita asked.

Meera looked down for a moment, and then looked at Nita again.

“Lord Mormont wishes to meet us,” she said slowly.
“To discuss about an engagement between you, and his son Garret!”

Nita was speechless, her eyes widened when she read the letter herself. An engagement! Between her and Garret. She blushed, the thought of being married to him. He was really handsome, she admitted that. But she also wondered: what did he thought about this?
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The letter from Mormont
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