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 Olena Lannister

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Olena Lannister


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PostSubject: Olena Lannister   Sun Aug 17, 2014 10:40 am

Olena Lannister



Family members:
Phoebus Lanniste (dad), Rose Lannister (sister), Madeline Lannister (sister), Tulio Voss (foster brother)

just being cute for her daddy

Olena is a smart little girl, she learns quickly everything she hear and see, but if the thing learnt doesn’t interest her enough it slips from her mind as quickly. She’s a wild little thing, she acts ladylike only when she wants to… or if that’s convenient, of course. She can easily pass to be the girliest girl in the world to the worst tomboy ever in a matter of seconds and, being so young, she is still really unsure and confused about what she’ll want to be in the future. If you mention a knight and his adventure, she’ll probably say ‘I want to be a knight!’ but if then you mention a fair queen she’ll immediately change her mind saying ‘I wanna be a queen!’, but after all she is young and she is perfectly aware she has a lifetime to understand what she really wants to be. Being so spoiled, she can also be very bossy and demanding with people around her, she can often be impossible and impossibly annoying and energetic, but in the end she does have a good heart. She also has a really wild immagination. She’s still learning the difference between good and bad and wrong and right, and not always she manages to understand society’s rules. The person she cares the most is absolutely her daddy: though she loves her whole family, she and her dad share a special bond, and she loves doing everything with her dad. From dancing to riding, from learning how to use a sword to listening to a bed time story, everything she does with her dad is great for her. He is her hero and according to her the strongest, bravest and absolutely the best man in the whole universe.

Olena’s story is not really long: she’s the youngest daughter of the Lannisters, born in a warm summer in their castle at Casterly Rock. Her mom died giving birth to her and on her dying bed begged Phoebus to take good care of her, not blaming the child for her premature departure. Olena never knew her mom, and has never been too interested in who she was. She grew up with her dad, her sisters and her foster brother, that she has always seen as a real brother. Growing up without a mom, she found a motherly figure in her sisters, especially in Rose, the eldest. During her life, being the little one and therefore everyone little pet, she was loved and spoiled, especially by her dad.

she has her own pony, Shining Star, a gift from her dad that she loves with all her heart. She even tried to speak him in her bedroom a couple of times!
Player: Bleedgirl/Ludo (Jane Mormont-Tully, Carriae Rivers, Eric Tully, Olena Lannister)
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Olena Lannister
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