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 Carriae Rivers

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Carriae Rivers


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PostSubject: Carriae Rivers   Sun Aug 17, 2014 10:05 am

Carriae Rivers



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dancer, singer, waitress, thief, whore…

Carriae is a young and beautiful lady, and she is perfectly aware of how beautiful she is and how she can use it to her own advantage. She looks carefree, even shallow, interested only in shallow things, and at a first look you would think she is quite a happy girl with no thoughts in the world, like she has never been touched by the world’s dark side. Truth is that Carriae knows the dark side of the world quite well and she is quite the pessimistic, but if the worlds sucks, and in her eyes it does, why should she care or worry? Let’s just have fun, let’s enjoy what we can, and screw the rest!

Carriae’s history is a mistery for everyone, some people say she is just any bastard, some others say she’s the bastard of some important noble man, some others even say that she isn’t a bastard at all and that she is instead a runaway princess. She let people talk and actually plays along, enjoying how easily she can deceive them.
The truth is knows only by Carriae, and actually not even the whole truth: for a start, she really is a bastard. Her mother was a whore, a beautiful one, and also a sad one. Jane didn’t know her story or how she had ended up in a brothel, every time she had tried to ask her mother just smiled sadly and looked away. Carriae grew up between the brothel and the small room in the decaying inn where she and her mother lived. When her mother was working, she left her with some old unfriendly ladies that run the place, but most of the times Carriae managed to run away and play around with some other kids.
Carriae grew up mostly on her own, creating no strong bounds with anyone. Probably because her only strong bound since birth had been a constant disappointment. Not that her mother didn’t love her, and after all she did manage to protect her (well, at least she wasn’t raped during her childhood), but… she was such a lifeless lady, always tired, always too busy with her customers, rarely around…
The only real moments of bonding between mother and daughter had been the times when Carriae was a child and her mother had stayed around long enough to tell her a bedtime story: the story was always the same, the story of Carriae’s father.
He was a beautiful man from an important house, so important that her mother wouldn’t dare tell. He was visiting the town and he had met her: they had fallen in love and he swore her to take her away with him. He had to leave, but he promised to come back for her. But he never did, because he was murdered in his way home.
As a child Carriae really believed in that story, but growing up she started to wonder how much truth it actually held. It still didn’t matter and it didn’t really make any difference to her, so she decided to let it go.
Carriae kept living with her mother in that dacaying part of the town until she was 12. By her 12th birthday she had grown sick of her life and longed for something different. Her mother had miracoulously managed to keep her untouched until that moment, but living in that promiscuous habitat she had already enough knowledges of sex and of how men thought with their dicks and not with their brains.
She was beautiful, even more beautiful than her mother and she knew that, and she knew she could use that to her own advantage. At the first occasion, she seduced a man, the director of a small company of travelling jugglers, and convinced him to take her with him in his journey. After she left, she never saw her mother again.
She spent almost 3 years with the company: with them she perfected her ability to dance and sing, things that she had always loved to do since she was a child, and she learnt new useful things, as some juggler’s tricks, how to use a knife  and, not less useful, how to steal. She travelled a lot with them and saw a good part of westeros, entartaining nobles as well as paesants during parties and celebrations. She kept keeping “company” to the director, but when some noble men noticed her during some parties she didn’t refuse their attentions and was repaid with gold and jewels. Even some women managed to bring her in their beds. When she was almost 15, she passed with the group through King’s Landing.
In the city she was immediately noticed by a men from the king’s guard, who gave her much money just to spend a night in her company. She was growing sick of the director and the other men, so what better occasion than this to start a new life? She took a room in a nice inn and made King’s Landing her new home.
Her beauty was noticed by many brothel’s owners, who tried to convince her or even force her to join their business, many men tried to make her choose them as their only one but Carriae always managed to keep her freedom, that she cheered as her most precious treasure. In king’s landing she adapted to work as whatever the situation required, as well as what she preferred to do day by day: one day she might work as a waitress, one day she can dance and sing during a party, another one she can adapt to be a thief. But her main ‘activity’ is surely her ‘free-lance’ occupation as a whore, or, as she prefer to call herself, a sweet company. Differently from brothels, thought, she reserves herself the right to pick her customers.

- Carriae's customers, or her"friends" as she likes to call them, pay her in the form of gifts: from valuable paintings from jewels, from dresses to pay some months of rent in hef inn, everything will do as long as it's valuable enough.
- She has a soft spot for jewels
- She is bisexual

Player: Bleedgirl/Ludo (Jane Mormont-Tully, Carriae Rivers, Eric Tully, Olena Lannister)
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Carriae Rivers
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