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 Ariella The Siren

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Name: Ariella (Ariel for short)

Rila of Lyse, Ariella Blacktyde and Ariel of White Harbor

Age: She can't remember

House(s) (+ house sworn to if any): None

Family Members (only the very close ones like parents, siblings ...): Unknown

Role/Job/Occupation (+ Titles if any): Siren of Westeros, Mermaid

Ariella is a manipulative sea witch, has been since the day she was born. Very enigmatic and flowing with the tides of change she harbors no true love for the ways of man preferring her home beneath the waves. But there is still a curiosity that comes with her ways seeing what sinks in the ocean. It is her way to be very much like the sea itself some times very calm and quiet with a peaceful beauty other times like a raging storm vicious and cruel.

Her kindness presents itself on rare occasions saved for only pretty maids who beseech her fathers waters for mercy. On her good days she is a playful trickster who means no true harm but on her worst she is a murderess tempting men from their boats into her dark waters.


Ariella was born to the sea, there is little she remembers from such a time but she remembers having a father and being craddle in his arms before she took her first swim... the rest is fuzzy even to her large memory. She has been what she is for all her life and over the many days and nights never felt like changing into something different. She had many many sisters once even a couple brothers but now she has too few to see many of them often she is not even sure of the number anymore.

She studied and practiced the many ways of her kind till her voice rang like silver bells and called small squalls for her fun. She does not remember how many ships she watched sink or how many sailors she either decided to let go or pull down into the depths. She is just how she has always been. When she reached a certain age she consumed the heart of a human girl and soon after learned how to give herself legs. Though at first it was like ever step was stepping on shards of glass she eventually grew used to them though they still pain her to this day.

She has used them to gain information of the world on land and also lure poor men in the dark of night to the docks to push them into the water.

- Ariella is actually quite fond of sweets and songs to the point that given one or the other in grandest gesture could reward one with their life
- Her powers are weak in her human shape to the point of nonexistance
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Ariella The Siren
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