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 Maester Dallben

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Maester Dallben


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PostSubject: Maester Dallben   Sat Aug 16, 2014 4:41 pm

Name: Maester Dallben

Age: 82

House: None

Family Members: None

Role: Grand Maester in the house Lannister, Olena Lannister's teacher

Personality: Dallben is an old, wise man. Though kind and gentle, he is thoroughly strict, never standing down to injustice, foolishness or unfavored behavior amongst children. In his strictness he guards the secrets of everyone who confides in him with the utmost care.
He knows his place, but is not afraid to speak up if it is needed of him, regardless of whether he is being asked or not. This behavior can often come across as quite annoying, but he always has the best intentions.

History: Dallben came from quite the normal, common family. Not truly poor, but far from highborn either. When he, as a young boy, dreamt of living in a castle, he early on knew he wished to become a maester. That way he would not only be able to live in a castle, but he would be able to help, aid and heal highborns. Helping people have always been a calling for Dallben.
As soon as he came of age he moved to the citadel to learn the arts of the maesters, and dived deep in his studies. Even now, so many years after finishing his studies his chambers are still piled high with books of all sorts. He wished to learn much and more, and that is a desire which still burns bright in him.
After decades of studying he now holds many chains.
Following his studies, Dallben sought work anywhere, and quickly got it as the Maester of a lower branch of the House Dondarrion. Decades later, once Dallben had grown into an old, frail man, the Dondarrions decided there were no longer any use for him, and threw him out in favor of a younger, steadier maester.
Since that day, not long ago, Dallben has been staying at the Crossroads Inn, sending ravens seeking work elsewhere. Each day he await replies.

Extra: Dallben's Maester chain consists of: Black iron (ravenry), silver (medicine and healing), copper (history), yellow gold (economics), iron (warcraft), brass, lead, platinum, red gold, steel and tin.
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Maester Dallben
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